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Picture hat of natural woven Milan straw, forming a wide shaped brim that curves downwards to the edges. Brim is rounded in front, flaring out slightly to back and forming two projecting lobes at back. Around brim is a band of woven straw for strength. Very low cylindrical crown, slightly domed. Around crown is twisted gold velvet band forming bow with trailing ribbons at back. Inside base of crown is off-white grosgrain ribbon band. Hatpin with green faceted rhinestone head. Sewn into inner ribbon band is label: "John Fredericks Inc. / New York", "Made In America". Label has three rhinestones sewn to it, and has two small green ribbon bows at opposing corners.
Headband of black felt. The hat is designed to fit across the top of the head, coming to a rounded point on left side, and with an enlarged circular end on the left which sits higher on the head. The headband is "peaked" along the length, adding height to wearer. Designer's label sewn inside: "Marcelle Rousseau / Dallas"
Hat of abstract multi-colored plastic. The hat is made of a plastic material, with a pinkish background and swirling abstract shapes of yellow, green, and blue. It has a high, cylindrical crown, flattened at top. The medium-width brim extends out and downwards. The crown is lined in white material, and the hat has an inner hatband of white ribbed ribbon.
Slouch Hat
Slouch hat of dark brown, medium brown and cream paper with high pillbox crown; wide floppy brim. Hat and brim stamped with various "tribal" symbols. Lined in orange and light olive striped material. Size tag attached to inside hatband: "23"
Cloche hat of navy blue felt. The hat is designed with a domed crown, and a "brim" of three horizontally pleated bands of the same felt extending upwards along the crown at front and sides.
Pillbox Hat
Pillbox hat of navy blue velvet trimmed around edge with blue/purple iridescent beads which form swirls on crown. Grosgrain inner headband with comb for securing hat to wearer's head.
Calotte Hat
Calotte style hatlet of 4 ultramarine velvet bows. Open crown, wire frame structure covered in matching material. Entire hat covered with matching veil.
Hat of black netting. Dome shaped with six small black birds arranged in circle at crown.
Breton Hat
Breton style hat of shiny red straw with pillbox crown. High, rolled back brim almost obscures crown. Red grosgrain ribbon covered button and streamers at center top of crown. Wide, red grosgrain ribbon forms hatband around crown. Unlined. Retailer's label on inside hatband: "Sanger Harris / Dallas" Size tag: "22"
Headband of bright green satin covered in green coque feathers embellished with rhinestones and veil.
Pillbox Hat
Pillbox hat of red velvet with red feather trim and lace interior lining. Designers Label: "Amy / New York"
Calotte of maroon satin and black sequins. Hat styled as a calotte (also spelled "calot") with rounded low crown of maroon satin covered with scrolling lines of black sequins. The lower edge of the crown is shaped into irregular points and curves, and is edged with black velvet. A short black veil encircles the hat and hangs down slightly.
Headband of dark green velvet. Double banded. One band in velvet, other band decorated with hearts of mink fur upon hearts of velvet.
Hat of black velvet. The hat is styled as a calotte (also spelled "calot"), with low, domed crown. Crown is rolled and upturned, and is embelished at front right with a white metal brooch set with simulated rhinestones forming a star-burst. Hat is unlined, with black grosgrain ribbon inner hatband. Designer's label at inside headband: "Valerie / Modes" Size label at inside hatband: "22 / MSC"
Hat in modified cloche style of off-white wool felt with visor in front. Style could also be referred to helmet style. Small bow of self on small front visor. Back of brim folds up. Unlined with cream colored grosgrain headband. Designer's label on inside headband: "Adolfo / New York Paris" Stamp on inside crown: "TouTou / Body Made in Italy"
Hat of beige/brown felt. The domed crown gently transitions into the medium-width brim, and extends forward in front, flattening and forming a bill-like extension. At sides and back, brim turns up and extends vertically most of height of crown. The underside of the brim/bill is made of same felt, carried under to continue same facing as top. Crown is unlined, and the hat has a brown grosgrain ribbon inner hatband and a black elastic cord secured to inner hatband to help secure hat to wearer's head. Label sewn inside crown: "Mr. John"
Cosmetic case of silver in envelope shape with etching. Plunger opening. Gold interior of floral design with mirror and openings to hold makeup. Silver chain handle alternates between chain links and bars.
Pillbox Hat
Pillbox hat of dark aqua blue linen with matching, gathered tulle veil edge. Headband is white grosgrain with lace. Two pink and three blue satin ribbon rosettes on inside crown.
Bandeau Hat
Bandeau hat of black feathers. Dark maroon satin ribbon at center front and veil.
Headband of brown satin and brown mink. The hat is formed on a base of brown satin covered stiffened wire which creates a curved openwork crown running across head of wearer. On the front part of the framework is overlaid a panel of brown mink. At back and on each side is a large brown satin bow. Label inside: "Marian Marcia / Exclusives" May be read as "Marian Warcia" also.
Cloche hat of black felt. The domed crown has a shaped lower edge, and a small brim that turns up and back to become vertical against the crown at front, and flares out slightly at sides and back. At side is a spray of black ostrich feathers. Inner black grosgrain ribbon hatband. Maker's label sewn inside: "Model / by / Hatty's / Paris / New York"
Picture Hat
Picture hat of tan and green woven straw. Designed with a cylindrical crown, very slightly flattened with a gentle point at top. The wide brim starts at base of crown, curves up and then down again. The straw of the hat has been woven with concentric designs of various geometric patterns.
Pillbox Hat
Pillbox style hat of red straw cloth with small narrow brim. Wide, red grosgrain ribbon around crown topped with red vinyl ribbon and bow with top stitching. Inside crown lined in net. Manufacturer's label on inside hatband: "Ceder Crest / Original"
Boater style hat of dark charcoal wide straw. High, flat crown with wide, slightly upturned brim. Hatband of black, sheer material forming bow on side. Inner headband of black grosgrain ribbon. 2 pins. Inside paper crown lining stamped with nude woman riding a stag leaping over a scroll work tree; stamped "Made in Italy".
Hatlet of blue velvet with seven "fingers" draping over forehead. Veil of navy blue. Retailer's label: "Joseph Magnin"
Hat of fine Milan off-white straw. Asymmetrical rolled-back brim is high in front and tapers to narrow back. Hatband of off-white organza scarf ties into bow in back as trim. Hatpin with clear, teardrop shaped head. Designer's label on inside hatband: "Atelier Lucas / Made in London"
Headband of white silk faille with bow of self on top. Comb for securing hat to wearer's head.
Hat of white straw and black velvet. The hat is designed with a high cylindrical crown, flattened somewhat at top, which is encircled by a wide band of black velvet with bow at back. The medium-width brim curves down, and is edged with a wide band of black velvet. Unlined, with a white grosgrain ribbon inner hatband. Size label sewn to inner hatband: "Medium"
Pair of lady's boots or "High Button Shoes" of bright tan leather. The shoes, designed with pointed toes, are of tan leather which close along center front with laces, 19 holes high. Medium/high heels styled as a modified boulevard or Louis heel, with rounded sides and back, flaring to base, and with curved front section. Heels covered with matching leather. Sole of tan leather. Stamped on lining: "I52 5505 K" Stamped on sole: "Hanan & Son / New York" around circular device "Trade Mark / Hanan".
Hatlet of black velvet ribbon and net veiling. The headpiece consists of a flat black velvet bow with trailing ribbons that sits at top of wearer's head, at center of a veil of fine black mesh. Around front and sides is applied black cording wreath form, and second layer of larger mesh with doting at intersections. No label in hat.
Headband of 2" wide of faux leopard fur. Brown grosgrain ribbon lining on inside. Headband is worn on top of head, from ear to ear; when off of head, it curls up into a cuff.
Hat of natural straw. Similar to Peruvian folk wear, the hat has a conical crown, flattened at top, with smaller projecting cone at top from which extend red and yellow ribbons. The sides of the crown have alternating pattern bands of straw, including black, natural, and mixed, some with red yarn woven into them. The wide, flat brim is edged in black, and has a decorative stair-step pattern woven into the rolled under edge. From the sides of the brim, near the base of the crown, extend red and yellow ribbons (near front at each side), and a group of red, yellow, and green ribbons (at back). Unlined.
Hatlet created as two fuchsia purple velvet roses with dark reddish purple cloth leaves and stems, mounted on large dark reddish velvet bow. Attached below hatlet is a matching fuchsia/purple net veil.
Kimono of purple silk printed with designs of flowers, birds and butterflies in purples, blues, tans, reds, etc. Detailing in gold embroidery. With five white "mon" designs similar to a "yin-yang" shape of matched commas. Partly lined in red silk.
Hat of woven straw in the "asian" style. Flattened at top, the hat has a wide, conical brim, and a band of black velvet around the upper edge. No labels or marks.
Pair of shoes of multicolored crepe de chine. The shoes are designed with a rounded toe, and the uppers and heels are covered with crepe de chine with a printed pattern of pastel greens, browns, pinks, and blues in irregular shapes with stripes or a marbling look. 3" high stiletto heel. Stamped inside: "Marcinni"
Veil of navy blue net. The circular veil has five attached small bows of navy blue. A small string attached to the veil and to a bobby pin helps to secure veil to wearer's head.
P 98-4
No Description Available.
K 97-11
Vertical painting consists of long gray, blue, and black brushstrokes that create a plaid pattern.
H 97-8
Vertical painting with several horizontal stripes of reddish brown and black with blue, red and orange gradation motifs floating on the surface.
AA 99-6
Painting consists of white, black, and tan brushstrokes, smeared and scraped. Two gradation motifs float vertically in the center of the canvas.
J 97-10
Vertical painting consists of long gray, black and brown brushstrokes that create a plaid pattern.
S 98-7
Loose brown, white and black brushstrokes scraped and smeared with a gradation from white to black motif floating in the center of the canvas.
[4-panel piece, handmade paper on silk]
The artwork consists of four panels each turned on point. A grid ladder pattern turned in various directions appears in each panel. The colors are warm reddish browns and light blues. Other rectangular and triangular outlined shapes appear scattered across the panels.
[artwork of screen printed silk and handmade paper]
The horizontally arranged artwork depicts various grids floating and moving in space to create depth. In the background is a large semi-circular shape in a textured blue green color. There is also a wide strip of brown that begins in the far lower right corner and moves at four different angles until it reaches the left side of the picture.
[12 panel handmade paper and silk artwork]
The artwork consists of twelve panels in varying hues of pinks, blues, browns with some angular textured lines resembling furrows and some blue lines resembling water run through and across the panels.
[artwork made of handmade paper and screen printed cotton velveteen]
The horizontally arranged artwork consists of textured paper in a blue-green that gradates to a pink color and moves from the foreground to the background in a curving motion. Angular brown lines are in the background and the middle ground consists of pink colors. Some white cloud like forms float through the picture plane and a gray stacked shape fills the left side of the picture.
[artwork made of handmade paper on silk]
The horizontally arranged work consists of perspective lines receding into the distance. Halfway into the distance the receding lines are covered in blue soft textured handmade paper fibers. The floor of the space is checkerboard pattern and also recedes into distance. A brown ribbon type images also slither into the distance.
[artwork made of handmade paper and screen printed cotton velveteen]
The horizontally arranged artwork consists of silhouettes of mountains in the distance in various pale shades of gray. In the foreground are two curved shapes consisting of parallel lines of textured pink paper. Three lines geometric in shape move through the picture plane flattening while also creating more space.
[artwork made of handmade paper and screen printed cotton velveteen]
The horizontally arranged artwork depicts a silhouette of a city skyline. In the foreground appears soft pink texture in arch design and a grid ladder pattern appears at the left edge.