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The clay rotund effigy drum is decorated with whale and snake motifs in browns and blacks.
The carved ivory oliphant features depictions of mammals and birds along the length of the musical instrument.
The instrument appears squat as the neck and body run together. There are many strings and pegs on both the side and the front of the instrument.
The back of the body's bowl is highly decorated with inlay in geometric patterns as well as a nude female figure and foliage.
A Maid Asleep
The painting depicts an interior scene with a woman apparently asleep at the table on which sits a bowl of fruit and a lidded container. There is also a patterned table cloth, a chair and in the distance the interior scene is continued.
Achilles Discovered Among the Women
A figure wearing a red dress wields a sword among a group of people some of whom are on the floor rummaging through trinkets and jewels.
Achilles Discovered Among the Women
A close view of the woman wearing white and two figures behind her is featured in this detail view.
Painting depicting wheatfields.
Achilles Discovered Among the Women
In the painting detail, a close view of the figure wearing red is shown.
Achilles Discovered Among the Women
The center portion of the painting and the main focus of the action is shown in this detail. The figure raises the sword and women rummage through the trinkets and jewels.
Christ and the Samaritan Woman
Painting depicting Christ and the samaritan woman.
Youthful Self-Portrait
The painting of a man looking over his right shoulder is dark and mostly in tones of brown. The man's hair is long and he wears a fur collared coat.
The Four Rivers Fountain
Overall view of the Four Rivers Fountain from S. Originated in Piazza Navona, from the Baroque Period.
Head of a Youth
Painting depicting the head of a youth.
The Holy Family with Elizabeth and St. John Adoring Child
Painting depicting the Holy Family with Elizabeth and St. John Adoring Child.
Minerva at Her Toilet
Painting depicting Minerva at her toilet.
View of Haarlem, Seen from the Dunes near Overveen
Painting depicting a view of Haarlem, seen from the Dunes near Overveen.
Tomb of Pope Alexander VII Chigi
Full view of Tomb from front center. Originated in Rome, St. Peter's; from the Baroque Period.
Tomb of Pope Alexander VII Chigi
Detail: upper part of Pope Alexander VII. Originated in Rome, St. Peter's; from the Baroque Period.
Tomb of Pope Alexander VII Chigi
Detail of Truth, frontal view. Originated in Rome, St. Peter's; from the Baroque Period.
Tomb of Pope Alexander VII Chigi
Total from the front of Tomb of Pope Alexander VII Chigi. Originated in Rome, St. Peter's; from the Baroque Period.
Abraham Sacrificing Isaac
The horizontally oriented painting depicts a man in a red robe with a knife threatening a seated figure while a winged angelic figure reaches for the man with the knife.
Abraham Sacrificing Isaac
The painting detail shows the central portion with the action of the figures.
Fortification Around Taj Mahal Complex
The fortification includes a watch tower and arcade.
Pulpit, Basilica of Bom Jesus
The pulpit detail shows the intricate carving with its gold leaf and pale pink paint.
St. Francis Xavier Adoring the Cross, Basilica of Bom Jesus
This carved sculpture depicts St. Francis Xavier as he adores the cross in his raised right hand. The sculpture is painted in several colors with richly carved details.
Ciborium, Chapel of Holy Sacrament, Basilica of Bom Jesus
The ciborium includes elaborately turned and decorated columns and finials with a richly carved surface. Atop the ciborium is a large crucifix.
Pulpit, Basilica of Bom Jesus
The base of the pulpit is decorated with figures and foliage and covered in gold leaf and pink paint.
Portrait of a Young Lady
Painting of a portrait of a young lady.
Portrait of Malle Babbe
Painting depicting a portrait of Malle Babbe.
Portrait of Malle Babbe
Bust view of painting of Malle Babbe.
Royal Apartments: The Queen's Circular Music Room in the Pitti Palace
The interior with its patterned walls and floors is visible. A green desk and chair are the predominate features in this view.
Boreas and Oreithyia
No Description Available.
Lion Fighting a Serpent
Detail view of a sculpture of a lion fighting a snake.
St. Theresa of Avila
No Description Available.
Guardian Divinities
The wall hanging depicts guardian divinities in red, green, and gold colors.
Head of a Young Woman
No Description Available.
Hat of dark gray felt covered with black velvet. The cylindrical crown has a flattened top, and is encircled near top of crown by a turquoise grosgrain ribbon which crosses at back, with trailing ribbons. At front right of ribbon is applied rhinestone set triangular brooch with band of same ribbon. The narrow brim curls up at outer edge. The whole is overlaid with black plastic net. Hat is unlined, with inner black grosgrain ribbon hatband. Designer's label inside: "Mr. Rickie / Original" Stamped inside crown: "'Jewel' / Body made in Italy"
Skirt Suit
Two-piece daytime skirt suit of Mexican homespun cotton consisting of: A) Jacket. Body of jacket is purple, long sleeves and collarless yoke of green, with a narrow band of rose inserted below yoke in front. Jacket has padded shoulders and is slightly fitted, and closes with hooks and eyes in front. Small string tie at waist. Fully lined in purple silk. Designer label inside: "Adrian / Original" B) Skirt. Skirt is purple, below knee-length, of slim design flaring slightly. Was altered to lengthen, and then restored to original length. Side zipper closure, and waistband has snap and two hook-and-eye closures. No Labels. A hat was made to go with the suit by Henry's, Dallas, accession number 1967.002.003
Jacket of navy blue wool crepe. Asymmetrically trimmed with pleated band falling from right shoulder, secured with white buckle at waistline. Self belt at waist with matching white buckle. Long sleeved with pleated diagonal at lower right sleeve. Designer's label: "Adrian / Original"
Calotte Hat
Calotte style hat of black wool felt hat with swag overlay. Black passementerie trim and spotted black veiling. Fully lined in black silk. Black grosgrain ribbon headband. Label stitched center back headband: "Francioni / Chapeaux / Zurich"
Calotte Hat
Calotte style hat of black velvet. Small, quilted brim folds up in front and back. One, long tie string of same drapes across front brim and down sides. Black grosgrain ribbon inside hatband. Lined in black fabric. Manufacturer's label on inside hatband: "Betmar / Adj." Retailer's label on inside hatband: "Lord & Taylor / young new yorkers' / hat shop / Fifth Avenue"
Hat of black and bronze velvet. Based on a pillbox, the low, domed crown is of black velvet, with top finial of a crossed bronze velvet ribbon with trailing ribbons and a black curling feather with two long thin black feathers. The sides of the hat are composed of two horizontal bands of velvet, the upper of bronze color, the lower of black. The whole hat is overlaid by black net veiling with wide mesh. The unlined felt body has an inner black grosgrain ribbon hatband. Designer's label: "Originals / by / Michael Terre / Southern California" Stamped inside: "Jacomet / Body made in France"
Skirt Suit
Summer suit of textured silk crepe in coral and black Holstein cow print with black flies. A) Jacket has two front ties; one at neck and one at natural waist. Two hook-and-eye closures along center front behind waist tie; flip peplum and 3/4 sleeves. Unlined. Built-in shoulder pads. Label: "Adrian / Original". B) Skirt is below knee-length; gored and flared. Waistband with hook-and-eye closure. Unlined. No Labels.
Picture Hat
Picture hat of navy blue horsehair material. The high, domed crown is encircled at the base by a wide band of navy blue grosgrain ribbon and has an over-sized dark blue silk flower with artificial stems and leaves set at front. The wide brim is plain, turned back on itself at the edge to form a wide band of double-thickness. When worn, the brim hangs down forming conical shape, but when laid down, brim flattens. Hat is unlined with an inner hatband of dark blue grosgrain ribbon. Designer's label sewn to inner band: "Adolfo / New York"
Dress of silk knit in purple, blue, turquoise, grey and white geometric pattern with organic shapes. Designer's signature of "Emilio" in pattern of fabric. Above knee fitted skirt. Inverted empire waist in a V shape. Long sleeves and V-neck. Center back zipper closure. Designer's label on inside back shoulder: "Emilio Pucci / Florence - Italy / 100% Pure Silk / Made in Italy" Cleaning instructions and size tag attached to bottom of designer's label.
Pillbox Hat
Pillbox hat of beige and bronze velvet. The low, circular crown of bronze velvet has inter-twined bands of bronze and beige velvet around it in a draped or swagged style. At front is applied a small bow made of the two velvets. Inner hatband of beige grosgrain ribbon. Affixed to the ribbon, one at each side, is a small plastic comb to secure the hat to the wearer's hair. The hat is lined in green fabric. Glued into the crown lining is a homemade(?) hand embroidered label: "Jo Bailey Hats"
Evening Dress
Evening dress of black and white wool satin gaberdine with matching jacket. a) Evening dress. Front and back centered panels of white fabric with sides of black fabric. Sleeveless, squared neckline, full length. Center back zipper closure. Very tailored, completely lined in white silk. Designer's label at inside back zipper: "Jean Marie Armand / Paris / Made in France" b) Jacket. Center front opening with four covered snaps. Bracelet length sleeves with turned-back cuffs in white fabric with one pointed end. Peter Pan collar in white fabric. Front and back centered panels of white fabric with sides and sleeves of black fabric. Completely lined in white silk. Designer's label at inside back neckline: "Jean Marie Armand / Paris / Made in France"
Hat of fine pale pink straw, pink satin, and artificial flowers. The body of the hat is of woven fine pale pink straw. The cylindrical, flat-topped crown is encircled by a wide, horizontally pleated band of pink satin. The hat has a very narrow, almost non-existent brim of the same straw. At right side of hat is a large spray of pale pink artificial flowers with green stems. The hat is unlined, with an inner hatband of white ribbon machine embroidered/brocaded with red and green floral motifs. Designer's label: "An Original / Phil Strann / California"
Woman's jacket of purple wool with asymmetrical curved inset at right shoulder. Two bound slit pockets below shoulder. Center front closure with 3 buttons and bound buttonholes. Two slit pockets at hips with an asymmetrical inset over left pocket. Designer's label: "Adrian / Original"