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[artwork made of handmade paper and screen printed silk]

Description: The artwork depicts a horizontally situated composition and is reinforced on the left and top sides by a wide gray gradated border. Emerging from the bottom edge is a wide, green curve that recedes into the distance. At the right is an open grid shape and behind that a large pink textured circle. Two small cloud like shapes float in the background.
Date: 1987~
Creator: Spear, Shigeko

[handmade paper art]

Description: The detail view of the handmade paper piece consists of several floating oval shapes and some colored string moving in a loose horizontally direction. The colors are light and muted from pale pinks to grays and purples.
Date: 1983~
Creator: Spear, Shigeko

[handmade paper on silk artwork]

Description: This horizontally arranged artwork consists of both geometric and ribbon shapes floating through the space from side to side. Frame shapes move at different angles and are connected by stripes in the background and two reddish ribbons weaving through the geometric shapes.
Date: 1986~
Creator: Spear, Shigeko

[ribbon through the squares and circles]

Description: This artwork has a light background and is horizontally oriented. Several rectangular frame shapes float in the space with a large circular form in the center. A long blue ribbon floats through the space connecting the geometric shapes. The colors are muted rose pinks and purples with various shades of muted browns. The ribbon is a strong teal color.
Date: 1986~
Creator: Spear, Shigeko


Description: This painting portrays a tree with a fence in the foreground in hues of brown and green.
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Date: 1945
Creator: MacIver, Loren

[ribbon through the grid circles]

Description: A red ribbon floats through and connects a series of circles within which are grid patterns. Also floating through the space are several pale rectangular shapes. the work is horizontally situated as is the movement of the ribbon. The colors are muted blues, purples, pinks and red.
Date: 1986~
Creator: Spear, Shigeko


Description: Off-white crinoline with spring steel hoops. Covered in fabric with white on white woven design of "H" shapes. Metal fastener at front of 1" wide waist band. First four rows of springs only go half-way around skirt and are tied around the body in front. Last five rows form complete circle or hoop. No labels in garment. Attached tag with what appears to be an auction lot number, "253".
Date: 1860

Platform Pumps

Description: Pair of platform pumps of orange/brown suede. The toebox, and entire upper of the shoes are of orange/brown suede, with a tongue attached at each side to the rest of the toebox by a band of elastic. The toebox rests on a thick platform covered with the same suede. The thick, chunky heel is also covered with the same suede. Stamped in gold inside shoe: "Back Street"
Date: 1970~

Bowling Shoes

Description: Shoes of red, white, and blue leather. The shoes are designed as flats, with rounded toes. Toebox and tongue of red leather, the sides are of blue leather, and the heel and uppers are edged in wide bands of white. The shoes lace up the instep, with five holes. Believed to be bowling shoes.
Date: unknown


Description: Hatlet of brown velvet. The open-crown hat is formed of a hollow square with down-turned sides and corners, covered in brown velvet and edged in tiny pearls. "Flying" around the hat are 8 golden stamped metal hummingbirds. One wing of each bird is hinged, allowing movement of the birds as the wearer moves their head. Over all is a brown net veil "capturing" the hummingbirds, with scattered gathers of 4 pearls. The underside is edged in brown grosgrain ribbon, and has two small plastic combs attached to secure hatlet to wearer's head. Sewn onto the inner ribbon is maker's label: "Bes-Ben / Made in Chicago". Also sewn onto inner ribbon is hand-written label "917".
Date: 1960~
Creator: Green-Field, Benjamin B.


Description: Petti-hoop of steel hoops within a white cotton petticoat. A modified form of cage crinoline consisting of three graduated steel hoops that open with snaps that fit within horizontal pockets of the full-length petticoat. Petticoat has gathered waist and eyelet lace at hem. Maker's label sewn in: "Petti-hoop / Created by / Ru-Nell / Pat Pend #494517" Size label, "10". The Ru-Nell Manufacturing Co. was founded by Fred Poole in 1935 in Yorkville, Georgia, USA. The company was named after his wife Ruby, and his oldest daughter Nell. Originally producing chenille bedspreads, they began to manufacturing "Petti-hoops" after their daughter Dorothy was unable to find a petticoat/hoop set to wear for a Southern Bell Ball in the 1950's. Ruby Poole designed the first one, and it became so popular that they went into production. Later they were produced as wedding gown underpinnings.
Date: 1955/1965
Creator: Ru-Nell Manufacturing Co. (Yorkville, Georgia)

Number 154

Description: This painting with a predominately white background contains many multi-colored curved and jagged vertical lines with heavy linear texture.
Date: 2006
Creator: Falsetta, Vincent