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Description: Hat of natural straw and yellow/orange netting. The high domed crown is encircled by layers of pleated orange/yellow netting, secured with a single wide vertical band. The whole is overlaid with a wide mesh net of same orange yellow. Round base of crown is a narrow band of matching velvet, with bow and trailing ribbon. Very narrow brim, angled downwards, of same woven straw. Hat is unlined, with inner hatband of yellow/orange grosgrain ribbon. Union label Size label
Date: 1940~


Description: Painting of black irregular layered strokes on off-white background.
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Date: 1948/1949~
Creator: Soulages, Pierre


Description: This painting portrays a tree with a fence in the foreground in hues of brown and green.
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Date: 1945
Creator: MacIver, Loren


Description: Hat of tan felt. Trimmed with net and brown and tan ostrich feathers held by braid and knotted ends of same felt. Short brim at front folds up in back. Inner headband of brown grosgrain ribbon. Hatpin with matching grosgrain head. Unlined.
Date: 1948


Description: Safari-like hat of olive green with four-sectioned crown. Green grosgrain ribbon and bow as trim. Elastic band for securing hat to wearer's head. Unlined with grosgrain headband. Stamp on inside headband: "Made in France Especially for / Best & Co."
Date: [1940..1945]

Fedora Hat

Description: Fedora style hat of gray felt. The crown is of gray felt, canted backwards, with flattened top which is sunken-in. Brim slants down in front and turns up in back, and is quilted with concentric stitching. Remains of threads and holes indicate hat originally had some form of band around the base of the crown. Unlined, with inner hatband of steel blue gray grosgrain ribbon inside base of crown. Affixed to inner hatband is black elasticized cord to secure hat to wearer's head. Maker's label sewn to inner hatband: "Valerie / Hat / Paris - New York" Size label sewn to edge of maker's label: "22 1/2"
Date: 1948
Creator: Valerie


Description: Hat of brown felt in modified beret-style. Crown is draped with a band of pearls as trim on right side. Unlined with black grosgrain ribbon inner headband. Maker's label: "Haute Mode / Michèle / Paris"
Date: 1940/1945
Creator: Michèle

The New Rich

Description: Painting of red, yellow, blue, green, white and gray featuring ten figures performing various tasks such as cooking.
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Date: 1941~
Creator: Ruiz, Antonio


Description: Glove of pale blue-gray cotton with green undertone. Hands have seams on outside; running stitch of same color; wrists widen and dip in V shape on thumb side; pinkie finger side of wrist features a large scalloped edge. Label sewn in right glove: "Gloves / Designed by / Lilly Dache", with "7" in a circle indicating size.
Date: 1943/1949
Creator: Daché, Lilly


Description: Hatlet of navy blue and white. The crown of the hat is formed of two hollow teardrop shapes, set with points overlapping, of a coarse navy blue fabric edged in dark blue plastic or vinyl piping. Extending from the point of each teardrop is a partly unrolled cone of the same material with an inner white/cream lining. Extending from the open end of each cone are single segments of the piping. The hatlet is overlaid with blue netting/veiling with a wide mesh and with scattered pairs of blue and white beads affixed to intersections of the mesh. The underside of the hatlet is lined in blue grosgrain ribbon, and has two small elastic cords holding two small plastic combs to secure the hatlet to the wearer's head. Designer's label sewn inside: "Bes-Ben / Made in Chicago" and an applied label with handwritten "318"
Date: 1940/1949
Creator: Green-Field, Benjamin B.

Red Votive Lights

Description: This abstract painting on wood includes various hues of red with touches of purple and green.
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Date: 1943
Creator: MacIver, Loren