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The Last Automat I

Description: The spout of a coffee or tea vending machine is depicted along with some cups along the right hand side of the painting.
Date: 1983
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-
Item Type: Artwork

Movie Theatre Nocturne

Description: This watercolor painting on paper depicts a cashier in his booth at the movie theater.
Date: 1998
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-
Item Type: Artwork

Norton Residence

Description: The west facade of the beach house is included in this view from the northwest direction.
Date: 1983/1984
Creator: Gehry, Frank Owen
Location Info:

Allegory of Geometry

Description: A heavily robed female figure holds for display a sheet of paper upon which are geometric drawings. In the figure's left hand are a right angle and a compass. A globe, a serpent, an obilisk, a carved sarcophagus, and a sphinx round out the composition.
Date: 1649~
Creator: La Hyre, Laurent de
Item Type: Artwork

Farnese Hercules from the Baths of Carcalla

Description: The view of the statue is from the right front and shows the figure from the knees up. The figure's head is seen in profile and his right arm held behind his back. His head is bent downward and the lion pelt is visible underneath the statue's left arm.
Date: [0200..0225]

Apollo from the House of Citharist

Description: The view of the bronze statue is from the front and from the thighs up. The statue's patina is a rich green and textured. The figure has shoulder-length curly hair and the construction of the eyes is visible.
Date: -0450~

The Parthenon

Description: The full height of several columns is shown as well as the entablature.
Date: -0447~/-0432~
Creator: Iktinos
Location Info: