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Description: Detail of columns and entablature of E colonnade (under reconstruction in 1984), from E of Erechtheion (1999). From the Greek Classical Period, restored in the 1990s.
Date: -0421/-0405

Cycladic Goddess

Description: Half-length detail from right center of sculpture depicting Cycladic Goddess. From the Minoan Pre-Palace Period.
Date: -2400

Temple of Zeus

Description: The view is in the southwesterly direction. Portions of columns and structures from the Sanctuary of Olympia are seen.
Date: -0472~/-0457~
Creator: Libon of Elis
Location Info:

Epidauros Theater

Description: The view shows the orchestra and seats from the east. There are people milling around the modern orchestra section.
Date: -0360~/-0350~
Creator: Polykleitos
Location Info:

Herakles and a Centaur

Description: The sculptural group consists of a man fighting a centaur. There is a tree stump between them and the sculptural set rests on a black and white marble base.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Artwork