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Capulet Hat

Description: Capulet style hat of red silk faille with 3 folds of self on either side. Red, slightly stiffened nose veil. Designers label: "MR. JOHN" Measurements: (Veil not included in measurements) L: 13 cm W: 49 cm H: 11 cm
Date: 1950
Creator: Frederics, John


Description: Dress shoe of mint green satin. 2" heel. 'King Louis' style pumps. Pointed toe. Ornament on vamp with embroidery of a pink rose and green foliage on yellow background. Markings: Left- "Pietro / Last / Neiman Marcus" Right- "Neiman Marcus"
Date: 1986
Creator: Pietro Last


Description: Korean Hanbok. A) Jeogori (Jacket) of white and red damask patterned with floral motifs. Short, cropped white damask top with deep V neckline lined in red damask. Long sleeves, widening towards fore-arm and then curved to wrist. Under-arm area and cuff of the red damask. Center front opening secured with one hidden snap and two long ties of red damask. Lined in thin white fabric. No labels in garment. B) Chima (Skirt) of red damask matching the Jeogori. Full-length, wrap-style garment. Thin white straps to go over shoulders support wide upper band into which the body of the skirt is gathered. Ties at back with ties of red damask. Lined in dark red fabric. No labels in garment.
Date: [1975..2000]

Picture Hat

Description: Picture hat of natural straw. The domed crown is encircled at base by a wide band of cream grosgrain ribbon with bow at right side. Around the crown, but not on the bow, the ribbon is edged at top with black. The wide circular brim curves upwards from base of crown, then curves down to edge. Unlined. Inner cream grosgrain ribbon hatband. Label sewn to inner hatband: "Florence ... / Dallas"
Date: 1960/1969
Creator: Florence

Toque Hat

Description: a) Toque of red/orange and yellow print wool. Two hatpins with spherical heads covered in material matching toque and head scarf. Lined in white with "Mr John" pattern in gold. Designer' label on inside hatband with rhinestone studded, tabbed ends: "Mr. John" b) Scarf of matching material with large square of lattice work crochet netting of red/orange in middle of scarf to provide veiled effect. Designer's label: "Mr. John"
Date: 1955?
Creator: Mr. John

Calotte Hat

Description: Calotte style hat of black satin. Bow of black satin as trim. Net at back of hat. Hatpin with head covered in matching satin. Lined. Comb at inside front of hat for securing hat to wearer's head. Retailer's label: "A. Harris & Co. / Dallas" Union/size label to right of retailer's label.
Date: 1953


Description: Child's shirt of pink rayon. Designed as a kimono, the shirt has a black band at center front opening which continues along neckline. The body of the garment is printed with multi-colored views of Japanese temples and landscapes. Maker's label inside: "Crown / Made in Japan" Size label: "M / Made in / " [cut off] This may be a child's kimono for the tourist market, rather than a youth's shirt.
Date: 1950/1980


Description: Hat of purple satin. The hat is styled as a calotte (also spelled "calot") of purple satin with cluster of purple violets and an orchid of velvet. With a purple net veil. Lined in purple satin with a dark blue/purple grosgrain inner hatband. Accompanied by two short hatpins with matching purple velvet covered heads. Designer's label inside: "Lilyan / Originals"
Date: 1955~
Creator: Lilyan Originals


Description: Pair of pumps of silver fabric. Gently pointed toes, and oval openwork area at top of instep, edged in padded gold kid leather with stripe extending from oval to tip of toe. Low chunky hee tapering slightly to base, covered in same fabric. Brand stamped inside: "Erica" Retailer's label stamped inside: "Neiman Marcus" Handwritten inside: "7 1/2 B A12003 / 68633-3A"
Date: 1960


Description: Headband of black grosgrain braid with black veil extending over front.
Date: 1955?


Description: Hat of green felt in the style of a tricorne or cocked hat. Trimmed with green silk roses, brown feathers, a brass buckle on right side and bow on back. Lined in black with central "drawstring".
Date: 1880


Description: Picture hat of dark pink/red Milan straw with wide brim. Pillbox crown trimmed with red and white polka dot organdy hatband which forms a bow on the right. Straw brim folds under and is lined in same polka dot organdy as hatband. Two hatpins with cloth covered heads in matching polka dot material. Designer's label on inside hatband: "Sally Victor / 18 East 53rd St."
Date: 1965
Creator: Victor, Sally


Description: Hat of navy felt. Somewhat like a cloche in style, the had has a low, rounded crown, with narrow turned-up brim at front. At right side are two fans or "conch shaped" decorations of navy grosgrain ribbon. The hat is overlaid at front with a navy veil. Inner navy grosgrain ribbon hatband. Accompanied by a plain black-headed hatpin. Designer's label sewn to inner hatband: "Hazel Eller - Custom Made"
Date: 1955~
Creator: Eller, Hazel

Festival Attire - Akha Hill Tribe

Description: Festival ensemble, Akha Hill Tribe, Thailand. a) Jacket/bodice. Jacket or bodice of black cotton, waist-length, with no collar, shaped neckline, and front opening with no closures. On right side of bodice at upper breast/collarbone is applied panel/section which forms edge of opening. Panel has "zig-zag" effect of three points created by patchwork of various printed fabrics and applied thin bands. Long sleeves with blue fabric sewn at ends to create cuffs. At back, "hanging" from collar is patchwork panel of patterned cloths shaped as a trapezoid with curved long side. Primarily lined in blue cloth with white geometric/linear designs, part of embroidery panel at front lined with a printed brown fabric with small black/yellow geometric design. (zig-zag panel at front) b) Pants. Pants of black cotton embellished with multicolored embroidery. Full-length depending on height of wearer. Wide plain waistband in front, elasticized section at back, and with attached string belt at side which has pom-pom terminals. At front, from waistband, are two "flaps" over upper legs, one forming a pocket with wide decorative band at top consisting of red strips of fabric on dark blue fabric band. The second flap has wide horizontal band of embroidered fabric, with bands of diamonds, squares, "x" shapes, etc. in yellow, blue, white, black, etc. on primarily orange ground. Cuffs of pants, at outer side of each leg, has rectangular applied panels of cross-stitch embroidered fabric in reddish, white, and mustard, with applied machine-woven decorative ribbon with pink squares and blue shapes. Unlined. No labels or tags in garment. c) Hat. Black with beading and silver and shells, with red decorations and pendant parts d) Belt. Black cotton(?) belt formed as a rectangle, upper and side edges straight, lower edge gently scalloped to form points at center front and at sides. Belt is edged ...
Date: [1975..2000]


Description: Hat of white feathers. The domed crown fits close to the head, and is totally overlaid with long white feathers radiating down from the crown, creating a "blond wig" effect. At top of crown is an attached thin white string/piping bow. Hat lined in off-white fabric.
Date: unknown


Description: Shirt of red jacquard. Chinese style with mandarin collar, kimono sleeves, and four black and gold frogs to close the front. Top frog closes collar. Sleeves accented with thin black piping approximately one inch from hem. Embroidered dragon of black, white, and grey on right torso. One square pocket of same fabric with black accent fabric at top on bottom right torso. Label: SIZE / (logo with circle enclosing torii) / NO. / RN -- 24370 / MADE IN JAPAN (fraying at bottom)
Date: unknown


Description: Hat of red straw. High, rounded crown somewhat like a cloche, surmounted by a ball of same red straw. Roughly oval brim, turning up towards edge, higher in front than back. Brim and base of crown edged with thin band of red grosgrain(?) ribbon. Unlined. Inner hatband of red grosgrain ribbon. Designer's label inside at inner hatband: "Oleg Cassini" Union Label inside.
Date: 1965~
Creator: Cassini, Oleg

Calotte Hat

Description: Calotte style hat of black cabochons and bugle beads. Black velvet piping at edges. Lined in black netting.
Date: 1953


Description: Hatlet created as two fuchsia purple velvet roses with dark reddish purple cloth leaves and stems, mounted on large dark reddish velvet bow. Attached below hatlet is a matching fuchsia/purple net veil.
Date: 1955~


Description: Reticule style antique traded handbag of pale, opalescent blue beads with floral motif. Bottom is trimmed in looped fringe of self. Crocheted top edge. Chain handle which cinches closed. Unlined. Date unknown.
Date: unknown

Pillbox Hat

Description: Pillbox hat of dark aqua blue linen with matching, gathered tulle veil edge. Headband is white grosgrain with lace. Two pink and three blue satin ribbon rosettes on inside crown.
Date: [1960..1969]

Garrison Cap

Description: Hat of black and brown suede. Brim-less. Style resembles a garrison cap. Lined in black fabric with black grosgrain ribbon inner headband. Elastic band for securing hat to wearer's head. Designer's label: "Evelyn Varon / Model" Union label at left of designer's label.
Date: 1945/1949
Creator: Varon, Evelyn

Breton Hat

Description: Hat in modified breton style of pale grey straw with light blue pleated fabric around high crown. Cream colored veil covers entire hat. Unlined. Designer's label on inside headband: "Miss Eileen"
Date: 1960
Creator: Miss Eileen


Description: Pair of woman's pumps in champagne satin. Designed with a square toe, the vamp has an applied plaque of same satin on which are mounted brilliant rhinestones of various sizes in horizontal rows. The low heel is covered in same fabric, and tapers slightly to base. Designer's label stamped inside left shoe: "Herbert Levine" Stamped inside right shoe: "Especially for / Ann Wardy" Handwritten note inside shoe: "7 1/2 B / D2490"
Date: 1965/1969
Creator: Herbert Levine