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Young Women with a Seagull

Description: Two women, one wearing a red hat and the other a blue hat, stand seaside in conversation. In front of the women, a white bird is visible and in the near distance a body of water. The sky is blue and clear.
Date: 1917
Creator: Bonnard, Pierre


Description: The detail view of the outdoor sculpture shows the woman and child up close. The younger figure appears to be holding an apple or some sort of fruit. Both figures eyes appear to be closed. The younger male figure is nude and rests his head on his right shoulder.
Date: 1912/1934
Creator: Jónsson, Einar


Description: The rear view of the bronze sculpture depicts the back side of a seated person with outstretched arms holding a draped fabric or piece of clothing. The woman's hair is braided and wrapped around her head.
Date: 1912/1934
Creator: Jónsson, Einar

Domestic Interior, Wissant

Description: A young woman appears to be sewing or folding laundry in a small room with a baby crib and possibly a laundry machine in the background. A window beside the young woman is multi-paned and admits the only light in the room. The strokes of pastel are loose and mostly black and blue.
Date: 1913
Creator: Lhermitte, Léon-Augustin


Description: The vertically oriented painting depicts a crouched woman with her arms raised on a yellow background. The female figure is outlined with heavy black strokes.
Date: 1913/1914~
Creator: Modigliani, Amedeo


Description: The center of the composition is filled with a frontal view of a woman with a baby shown in her womb. Diamond shapes fill the background as well as other figures.
Date: 1912
Creator: Chagall, Marc