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Caixa Forum Barcelona

Description: Caixa Forum is the former Casarramona textile factory. The canopy sheltering the main entrance was designed by Arata Isozaki.
Date: 1911/2002
Creator: Isozaki, Arata & Puig y Cadafalch, José
Location Info:

Maine Landscape with Fog

Description: The landscape painting consists of two boulders in the foreground and evergreen trees in the background. The composition is slightly a horizontal one and the painting consists of two main colors, a green and a gray.
Date: 1919/1921~
Creator: Gilchrist, William Wallace
Item Type: Artwork


Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1910/1912
Creator: Redon, Odilon
Item Type: Artwork


Description: A Cubist portrait of a musician.
Date: 1917/1918
Creator: Braque, Georges
Item Type: Artwork