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[Acapulco Bay]
Photograph of the bay in Acapulco de Juárez, Mexico. Palm trees and other vegetation fill the bottom foreground. The bay is visible in the middle ground. Numerous boats are visible in the water. The opposing shore lined with high rise buildings is visible in the background.
[The Queen's Hamlet]
Photograph of the Queen's hamlet in the Trianon of Versailles, France. A mans head is visible in the far right foreground. The rustic hamlet house is visible behind the head. Trees are visible behind the house.
[Stone inscription]
Photograph of a stone in Hatfield, England. The carvings on the stone fill the frame. The carvings are worn with age and illegible.
[White Hart Hotel]
Photograph of the White Hart Hotel in St. Albans, England. The hotel is visible in the foreground between two buildings. A planter with flowers sticks out in the right foreground.
[Troyes Cathedral]
Photograph of the Troyes Cathedral in Troyes, France. In the foreground, the west facade of the cathedral is visible. An empty street is visible in front of the cathedral. The cathedral has red doors.
[Hall of Mirrors]
Photograph of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, France. The hall is visible in the foreground. Numerous people are visible in the hallway.
[Stone Monument]
Photograph of a stone monument in Hatfield, England. A woman in a blue dress is visible in the foreground in front of a stone monument. Other stones are visible in the foreground surrounded by people.
[St. Albans Abbey detail]
Photograph of the exterior of St. Albans Abbey in St. Albans, England. The abbey exterior is visible in the foreground. The building is constructed of stone, rocks, marble, and bricks. Two windows are visible in the top of the frame.