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Central Park Nocturnal Snow II

Description: Empty sidewalk, snow covered, along Central Park is shown at night in the winter. Street lamps illuminate the empty sidewalk.
Date: 2005
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

Nocturnal Street Scene

Description: This small monochromatic painting depicts a street corner on which are street signs, a crosswalk sign, a fire hydrant and a multi-story building with an awning over the sidewalk. It is a night scene lit with street lights.
Date: 2003
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

Wonder Wheel (Coney Island)

Description: This oil painting depicts a scene from Coney Island which includes a Wonder Wheel, signage advertising frankfurters and hamburgers, Astroland, and an ATM.
Date: 2002
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

The Last Automat III

Description: The painting depicts an Automat food dispenser with two pieces of what looks like lemon merigue pie inside.
Date: 2003
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

Central Park Nocturne

Description: This oil painting depicts Central Park at night. Street lamps illuminate the snow-covered pathway.
Date: 2007
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

Woman Brushing Her Hair III

Description: This painting depicts a woman brushing her long hair and looking into a silver hand-held mirror.
Date: 2001
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

Light in a Far Field

Description: Painting of green, gray, red and peach featuring a grassy landscape with multiple trees and red flowers; light smudge rendering.
Date: 2001
Creator: Phelan, Ellen

MAMAC, Bird Head/Eagle Totem Series

Description: The totem shaped sculpture includes a large bird, a bright yellow mask and a pale pink human figure on a bright blue pole and is situated by a body of water. The surface is treated in a mosaic fashion with brightly colored glasses and mirrors, shells, and pebbles.
Date: 2000
Creator: Saint-Phalle, Niki de