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The Street (Composition for Richard Wright)
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Onyx Table
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Centre Georges Pompidou (Beaubourg)
General view of S and E sides
Panorama of Florence from above Loggia dei Lanzi
keywords: panorama ; View N of Piazza della Signoria and Duomo
Panorama of Venice from the Campanile
keywords: panorama, plaza
Panorama of Venice from the Campanile
keywords: panorama, plaza
Panorama of Venice
keywords: panorama, plaza
Panorama of Venice from the Campanile
keywords: panorama, plaza
The Molo Waterfront Development
keywords: waterfront development ; View fr. Ponte della Paglia of Piazzetta and Santa Maria delle Salute
Campo San Polo
keywords: plaza ; Overall view fr. SW
Campo S. Maria Formosa
keywords: plaza ; Overall view S w. the N transept fa├žade
Piazza San Marco
keywords: plaza ; Overall view NW from the terrace of the Duomo
Grand Canal Waterfront Development
keywords: waterfront development ; View NE of Grand Canal w. Rialto Bridge (by Antonio da Ponte, 1588-92)
Panorama of Venice from the Campanile
keywords: panorama
Fountain Revolving Torso
Water fountain is featured outdoors on the grounds of the St. Thomas Hospital to which is attached the Evelina Children's Hospital.
This Spring's Harvest / The Voertman Awards / North Texas State University 1979
This poster created by an art student for the annual Voertman Award Competition and Exhibition depicts a tractor harvesting the year's crop. The colors are red, yellow, gray and black. The juror is listed on the poster as Ron Gleason, Director of the Tyler Museum of Art.
Three Iris on Pink
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Kitty Hawk
No Description Available.
A, C, and D from the series Group/And
Several pieces of paper, chip board with dark shades of graphite comprise this multi-piece artwork.
CN Tower
The view shows the world's tallest tower in its place in the city.
CN Tower
The view is of the upper portion of the transmission tower. It clearly shows the pinnacle as well as the observation pod.
CN Tower
The view shows an extremely close view of the exterior surface of the tower and the sensors projecting.
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Scraper and Comb (Raspa)
The gourd has been enhanced with a series of striations and sound is made with the accompanying comb.
Portable Printing Calculator
The calculating machine is yellow, sleek and modern. The numbers are printed in white.
Graz. (face in water)
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From a Day with Juan II
No Description Available.
Painting of medium blue polymer paint on square canvas. Reflective gradated hue throughout surface.
La Marseillaise
Painting of orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink gestural figure turned 3/4ths view with thick black outline.
Day of the Locust
The painting has a background of the Los Angeles Yellow Pages cover with various objects such as buildings, helicopters, ladders, people, soldiers, horses, ships, and planes painted in hues of gold, red, blue, purple, brown, and green.
Sweet Cathy's Song
Painting of multi-colored mixed media which includes collage children's drawings of people, trees and landscape throughout.
Mixed Media painting of red, blue and black motif of numerous faces throughout brown and black leopard printed fabric surface.
Illustration of black, red, pink, yellow, white, blue watercolor, gouache and synthetic polymer paint on fabric. Two figures adjacent to one another in center of composition. A eye, bicycle pedal and teddy bear are also depicted.
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Bronx Floors
Piece of found flooring turned into an art work by means of its presentation and declaration.
For Father Berrigan
No Description Available.
OSTENDE/on the beach or in the dunes/a cube shaped house/therein/the Samurai Sword is a Blutwurst/PLINTH
Installation artwork consists of several pieces of rolled felt, dried meat, and a display case.
Red Wing
Abstract painting of red and black polymer paint on canvas.
The Dancers
No Description Available.
Inversion IV
No Description Available.
Kerby (After Hogarth) Useful Knowledge
No Description Available.
Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart [Drawing]
No Description Available.
The Capitol City
No Description Available.
Great Rock of Inner Seeking
No Description Available.
Beach Scene
This beach scene of sunbathers, beach walkers, beach umbrellas and sailboats is printed in various hues of red, yellow, blue and pink.
Mars At Angles
Splatters and stains on fabric was then gathered and hung from suspended cable and also attached to the wall at two additional places.
Louisiana Serenade
A woman seated on a bench appears to listen to two musicians. The work is colorful and loose.
Come Sunday
The lithograph has the style of a collage. A woman in the foreground holds a small doll or figurine and in the distance another woman and smaller figure walk away.
The Preacher
Black and white lithograph is abstract.