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The pieces of the bassoon are stored in a box with custom compartments.
King Ferdinand VII of Spain
No Description Available.
Altes Museum
Total facade with colonnade
Pyramidal Metronome
The metronome is decorated with gilt bronze figures, foliage, and musical motifs on the front as well as the side.
Royal Pavilion at Brighton
Raking view of E Façade twod dome of the Saloon, from S
Royal Pavilion at Brighton
General view of the Entrance Façade, from SW. Built in a style of India. From the Nineteenth Century.
Royal Pavilion at Brighton
det: entrance w picturesque domes
Royal Pavilion at Brighton
N section of E Façade (the Music Room Gallery), from SE
Ganymede with the Eagle
Total from front center
Ganymede with the Eagle
center detail with Ganymede and eagle
Royal Pavilion at Brighton
General view of the E front, from SE. Built in a style of India. From the Nineteenth Century.
The humorous illustration depicts people behaving poorly at dinner. There is dialogue written above the heads of the diners.
Camera of Joseph Nicephore Niepce
This view of the camera is at an angle. It is made of wood and a label is visible on the side of the camera.
Deep tea bowl
It is a bowl which is made up of ceramics.It is used for the decoration purpose and comes under the art of pottery.There are various circular lines which are drawn on the plates they can be differentiated as they are of different colors black,brown,yellow...These are the concentric circles.The surface of the bowl is shiny and glittery.There is number written on it 92.6245 and there is a sticky note on it on which number is written on it 4770.In the innermost circle there is some kind of design drawn on it
The Stour
The small square painting depicts the Stour river with some trees on the far side, deep shadows on the water and a pinkish sky.
The White Horse
No Description Available.
Gianciotto Discovers Paolo and Francesca
A painting of a man discovering a young couple from behind a curtain.
Madame David
A woman wearing a white empire waist dress is seated. Her hands are crossed and a red piece of clothing is draped over her right arm.
The Duke of Wellington
Portrait of the Duke of Wellington, wearing a dark coat against a dark background.
Head of a White Horse
Painting of the head of a white horse, set in a gilded frame.