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Day Dress

Description: Day dress of blue silk shantung with black flecks and black linen embellishment. A) Dress - Street length, with high rounded neckline, and 3/4 or longer sleeves. Neckline with three concentric bands/borders, each with a button making them look as if they should unbutton. Outer and inner bands of the blue/black shantung, inner band of black linen. Buttons of each band are same fabric as that band. A-lline skirt with "pleated placket" at front. Narrow blue/black thread belt loops at sides. Center back zipper, with hook and thread loop at top of collar. Unlined. Combined designer/retailer label in lower part of skirt: "Irene / Exclusively for / Neiman-Marcus" B) Belt. Narrow leather curving belt faced with the blue/black silk shantung, with large rectangular covered buckle. Stamped on reverse: "10 9524"
Date: 1959
Creator: Irene


Description: Dress of orange wool jersey knit. Knee-length or slightly above. Slight standing collar. Long sleeves. Yoke and collar with white panel lined in pale aqua band. Similar patches on sleeves at cuffs, with two gilt metal chased domed buttons. Attached belt matching the patches on sleeves closes in back with two matching buttons;3-1/2" wide. Center back zipper closure with hook-and-eyes at neck. Lined in orange. Designer's label: "Ronald Amey / New York"
Date: 1970/1979
Creator: Amey, Ronald

Shirt Dress

Description: Shirt dress of plaid woven cotton in shades of yellow, brown, black and white on black ground. Street-length. Short sleeves and spread collar, center front opening with 6 buttons, and single hook-and-eye at waist. Buttons are small faceted black plastic(?) collar settings with a clear rhinestone at center. Tie belt at waist, attached at side seams. Skirt is pleated into lower edge of bodice. Unlined.
Date: 1950/1959

Maternity Dress

Description: Maternity dress of white silk chiffon with leaf motif of gray bugle beads and iridescent sequins. Sack style silhouette; V-shaped neck line. Elbow length sleeves have ragged hem at cuffs and at knee length skirt hem. Kick pleat at center back is outlined in matching gray bugle beads. Center back zipper. Lined in white polyester. Designer's label at back right neckline: "Page Boy / Maternity"
Date: 1980
Creator: Page Boy Maternity

Maternity Evening Dress

Description: Maternity evening dress of black silk in all-over black sequins with 3 bands of white diamonds in white bugle beads at cuffs of the long sleeves and at lower hem of the knee-length dress. Rounded neckline. Bands of black bugle beads at neckline, cuffs, lower hem, along shoulders, along side seams, and around armscyes. Center back zipper with hook & eye. Lined in black rayon. Designer's label at center back neckline: "Page Boy / Maternity" Size labels attached to lower edge of designer's label: "P" and "S" Care/content/origin label at inside side seam: "100% Pure Silk / Rayon Lining / Dry Clean Only" and "Made in India".
Date: 1980/1989
Creator: Page Boy Maternity

Maternity Evening Dress

Description: Maternity evening dress/top in black silk and all-over black sequins with bands of bugle beads at neckline, sleeve ends, and lower hem. Straight, shift style. Rounded neckline and short sleeves. Center back zipper with hook & eye; 7" kick pleat at center back. Lined in black polyester; padded shoulders. Designer's label at inside back neckline: "Page Boy / Maternity" Size label at inside back neckline: "L" Content/Care label at inside back neckline: "100% Pure Silk / Polyester / Lining / Made in India / Dry Clean / Only"
Date: 1980/1989
Creator: Page Boy Maternity

Maternity Blouse

Description: Maternity blouse of rose pink douppioni silk. Sleeveless with cape style yoke which falls over the shoulders. Trim of yoke extends to form tie at front. Blouse gathers under yoke. Center front opening with closure of four large rhinestone buttons and barred buttonholes; supplemented with snap at yoke. Large patch pockets at sides are quilted with rhinestone accents at corners of quilting. Unlined. Designer's label at center back neckline: "Page Boy / Dallas"
Date: 1950/1970
Creator: Page Boy Maternity


Description: Hat of brown felt with beaver trim. Front resembles toque style and is covered in fur. Crown is a scull cap of brown felt with extension in back and fan-shaped, piped stitching. Free form bow of felt covered wire at front. Retailer's label: "Neiman-Marcus / Dallas"
Date: 1940/1949


Description: Scull cap of black velvet with band of silver fox at front giving effect of small fur toque. Black mesh nose veil attached at back to be drawn over fur in front. Under chin elastic and comb at front hatband for securing hat to wearer's head. 2 velvet covered hat pins. Retailer's label: "Neiman-Marcus"
Date: 1930

Rain Boots

Description: Pair of rain boots or galoshes of black rubberized velvet. Designed with a rounded toe, the high boots are edged with black beaver fur at top and have zippers on the inner sides. High arch, thick heel. Marked on sole: "6 1/2 / Goodyears I.R.G.M. Co. / Reg.U.S.Pat.Off. / Brand / Nausatuck.CT.USA"
Date: 195u
Creator: Goodyear's India Rubber Glove Company

Beach Clogs

Description: Pair of wooden, raffia, and leather beach clogs. The slip-on shoes are designed with wooden platform soles with rounded toes, and a wide woven raffia strap across vamp which is dyed in stripes, red, off-white, black, orange, white, brown, and green. The raffia strap is attached at either side by narrow band of leather nailed into sides of sole. The 3" high heel is of a modified Louis style, and is painted with flower-heads in blues and reds, with similar floral forms on the sides of the platform near the toes.
Date: [1940..1959]


Description: Beret of dark brown felt. Raised crown with black and orange coque feather trim on left front. Front brim of hat is rolled up to form rounded edge folds on left and right. Elastic band for securing hat to wearer's head. Designer's label on inside hatband: "Odette Colson / 25, Faub. Saint-Honore / Paris - 8me" Tag attached at bottom of designer's label: "Made in France" Handwritten number under label: "80-739"
Date: 1930
Creator: Colson, Odette


Description: Hat of soft white pique styled with elements of a pillbox and a sailor's cap. Circular conical crown stitched to create folds and valleys around top and upper part. White silk(?) band inside lower edge. Designer's label: "Agnes / 6 Rue St Florentin / Paris"
Date: 1936
Creator: Agnes


Description: Hat of green pleated, nubbed cloth. All-over pleats connect on crown under large, round covered button in same. Wide hatband of self makes double bow on back. Hatpin with pearl head. Inside headband of green grosgrain ribbon. Lined in cream colored silk. Could be called a flower-pot or mushroom style hat.
Date: [1940..1945]

Cloche Hat

Description: Cloche-style hat of blue/gray feathers. The crown of the hat is made of dark blue mesh overlaid with a mosaic of blue/gray feathers. Brimless, the lower edge of the crown arcs upwards at front and slightly in back. The hat is lined in the mesh, and has an inner hatband at the lower inside edge of the crown. Designer's label sewn to inner hatband: "Made In / France", "Christian Dior / Paris"
Date: 1955
Creator: Dior, Christian


Description: Hat of black crocheted yarn and buttons. The hat is formed as a open-crown crochet cap. At sides are large diamond-shaped areas which are covered with large black circular faceted buttons. Unlined. Retailer's label inside: "Neiman-Marcus / Dallas"
Date: 1945~


Description: Hat of red felt and white yarn. The hat is formed of strips of red felt sewn together and top-stitched with white yarn. The low, domed crown is encircled at base by a narrow red velvet band with trailing ends at back. The square brim has points and sides curling down at different angles. Unlined.
Date: 1935~


Description: Hat of pink felt. The hat is essentially crownless, with no top and very low sides covered with a wide pink grosgrain ribbon hatband with bow at back and slight ribbon tail at front. The wide brim slants down slightly. Inner off-white satin(?)ribbon hatband.
Date: 1935~


Description: Hat of navy blue wool jersey and feathers. The hat, styled as a calotte (also spelled "calot") consists of a soft navy blue wool jersey cap which fits tightly to head. On left side are gathers/ruching. On right side is larger circular rosette of navy blue feathers which extends down below lower edge of crown. Unlined. Accompanied by a single hatpin with navy blue jersey covered head. Combined designer's/retailer's label inside: "Hattie Carnegie / Inc. / Original / Expressly for / Neiman-Marcus"
Date: 1935~
Creator: Carnegie, Hattie


Description: Hat of black felt with slightly tilted crown. Asymmetrical brim folds up and is wider in the front and narrows to the back. Hatband of wide, black grosgrain ribbon forms tabs in back. Lion emblem of golden wire thread on wide band of black grosgrain ribbon across brim on left side. Unlined with inner headband of black grosgrain ribbon. Elastic band for securing hat to wearer's head.
Date: 1937

Picture Hat

Description: Picture hat of black silk. The hat is designed with a cylindrical crown, somewhat flattened at top, which is encircled at the base by a wide band of black grosgrain ribbon with bow and streamers at back. The top of the crown is enhanced with radiating lines of top stitching. The wide black silk brim curves down, and is made as two concentric sections, each with decorative top stitching creating layered rays. "Marguerite / Yvonne / 509 Madison Ave / New York"
Date: 1945/1949
Creator: Marguerite Yvonne


Description: Shoes of gold and black floral brocade lined in gold leather. Pointed toe, rounded at tip. Stiletto heel. Designer label: "herbert levine" Retailer label: "Neiman-Marcus Marked with "5B / 25272 / 9313-5LD" on inside of shoes.
Date: 1960
Creator: Herbert Levine