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[Place de Clichy]
Photograph of the Place de Clichy in Paris, France. The intersection is visible in the foreground. White buildings surround the intersection. Cars are parked in front of buildings.
[Carcassone Cemetery]
Photograph of a cemetery in Carcassone, France. In the foreground, two angels sit atop a tomb decorated with crucifixes and a book. Another grave is partially visible on the left side. The fortified city wall is visible in the background behind the graves.
[Saint Peter's Church Entrance]
Photograph of Saint Peter's Church in Moissac, France. The church entrance is visible from the street in the middle ground. In the foreground, a street is visible with vendors and shops. The doors to the church are open.
Photograph of Notre-Dame-la-Grande in Poitiers, France. The church facade is visible in the foreground. Multiple people are visible in front of the church. Buildings and trees are visible in the background.