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The Last Supper

Description: The painting depicts the Last Supper with yellow streaks of light emanating from Christ's head. The background is dark and the composition mostly yellows and blues.
Date: 1799
Creator: Blake, William, 1757-1827

Captain Elisha Denison

Description: Portrait of Captain Elisha Denison, wearing a uniform and seated at a table. He is writing on a slip of paper and there is a book under one arm. A window is visible in the background.
Date: 1790~
Creator: Denison Limner

Mrs. Asa Benjamin

Description: Portrait of Mrs. Asa Benjamin, visible from the waist up. She is wearing a pink dress with a white shawl draped around her chest.
Date: 1795
Creator: Jennys, William

Girl in a Pink Dress

Description: The full-length portrait of the young woman wearing a pink dress is depicted in front of a heavily red draped window. Her dress includes a long white ribbon and she holds a flower in her left hand.
Date: 1790~
Creator: Beardsley Limner

Asa Benjamin

Description: Portrait of Asa Benjamin, visible from the waist up. He is wearing a dark coat with a light-colored shirt visible at the collar.
Date: 1795
Creator: Jennys, William

Portrait of a Young Woman in White

Description: Portrait of a woman wearing a white dress, seated on a wooden chair and facing the right side of the painting. A red cloth is draped around her, over a wooden table on the left.
Date: 1798~
Creator: David, Jacques-Louis

Purifying Pot of Jacobins

Description: The painting depicts a man straining the bourgeois from a pot of Jacobins.
Date: 1793
Creator: Henriquez, BenoƮt Louis

Guardian Divinities

Description: The wall hanging depicts guardian divinities in red, green, and gold colors.
Date: 1795

Freedom of Press

Description: The colored etching depicts a group of people in front of many presses.
Date: 1797

Guardian Divinities

Description: The detail view of the wall hanging shows some of the guardian divinities facial and clothing details.
Date: 1795

Guardian Divinities

Description: The detail view of the wall hanging depicts two guardian divinities playing musical instruments. Facial details, clothing and musical instrument details are also visible.
Date: 1795

Cupid and Psyche

Description: Painting depicting Cupid and Psyche.
Date: 1792
Creator: Angelika Kauffmann