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How To Hold a Calligraphy Brush

Description: The outline of a hand is depicted holding a calligraphy brush. To the right is Chinese text.
Date: 1628/1644
Creator: Hu Zhengyan

A Scene on the Ice

Description: Painting of a large group of people on a frozen river. Some of the people are wearing ice skates and there is a horse-drawn sleigh in the foreground. Buildings are visible on the banks to either side and there are ships in the background.
Date: 1625~
Creator: Avercamp, Hendrick

A Young Man in a Large Hat

Description: Portrait of a young man, visible from the waist up. He's wearing a large brown hat and a brown jacket with white lace at the collar and cuffs and a thin red tie.
Date: 1626/1629
Creator: Hals, Frans

A Lute Player Singing

Description: In this painting detail, a close view of the lute player's face is shown.
Date: 1622
Creator: van Baburen, Dirck

A Lute Player Singing

Description: A man wearing pleated sleeves and an elaborate hat with a feather plays a stringed instrument and sings.
Date: 1622
Creator: van Baburen, Dirck