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Description: Vertically oriented oil painting depicts a singer playing a stringed instrument. The setting appears to be a small enclosed space.
Date: 1950
Creator: Tamayo, Rufino

The Fisherman

Description: This oil painting, almost square, depicts a boy sitting on a rock catching a fish in a small net. In the background are stylized houses, trees, and hills. The colors are saturated greens, pinks, and blues.
Date: unknown
Creator: Amaral, Tarsila do

Saturday Night / Sunday Times

Description: This black and white ink wash depicts a man paying for his New York Times at a newstand. The foreground contains stacks of newspapers and the background appears dark with some hanging lights and silhouettes of more people.
Date: 1998
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

Central Park Nocturnal Snow II

Description: Empty sidewalk, snow covered, along Central Park is shown at night in the winter. Street lamps illuminate the empty sidewalk.
Date: 2005
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

My Parents at Coney Island

Description: This watercolor painting on paper depicts two people, parents, standing at a food stand at Coney Island.
Date: 1990
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

Mr. Softee

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1984
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

Nocturnal Street Scene

Description: This small monochromatic painting depicts a street corner on which are street signs, a crosswalk sign, a fire hydrant and a multi-story building with an awning over the sidewalk. It is a night scene lit with street lights.
Date: 2003
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

The Last Automat II

Description: A coffee vending machine is depicted along with many cups.
Date: 1993
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

The Last Automat I

Description: The spout of a coffee or tea vending machine is depicted along with some cups along the right hand side of the painting.
Date: 1983
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

Movie Theatre Nocturne

Description: This watercolor painting on paper depicts a cashier in his booth at the movie theater.
Date: 1998
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

Allegory of Geometry

Description: A heavily robed female figure holds for display a sheet of paper upon which are geometric drawings. In the figure's left hand are a right angle and a compass. A globe, a serpent, an obilisk, a carved sarcophagus, and a sphinx round out the composition.
Date: 1649~
Creator: La Hyre, Laurent de

Fashion Designs for Women

Description: This colored engraving depicts two women wearing dresses designed in the 1860s.
Date: 186?
Creator: Worth, Charles Frederick