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Description: The harpsichord's sides and top are of a highly figured red and the edges are delineated with wide dark edges.
Date: 1634
Creator: Ruckers, Jan

Portrait of a Member of the Haarlem Civic Guard

Description: Portrait of a man visible from the waist up, posing next to an open, square window. He is wearing a yellow jacket with white lace, a black leather breastplate, an orange sash, and a dark-colored hat.
Date: 1636~/1638~
Creator: Hals, Frans
Item Type: Artwork

Château de Blois

Description: View of the Orléans Wing (Francois Mansard (1598-1666)) of the Château de Blois, 1635, courtyard façade from E. From the Baroque Period.
Date: 1635/1638

A Pastoral Scene

Description: Painting of a man sleeping out of doors, lying against a rock. A young woman wearing a red and green dress is crouching next to him, looking at something behind the man, outside of the image.
Date: 1632
Creator: Molenaer, Jan Miense
Item Type: Artwork

A Pastoral Scene

Description: Detail view of a portion of the painting "A Pastoral Scene" showing a young woman from the waist up with a landscape behind her.
Date: 1632
Creator: Molenaer, Jan Miense
Item Type: Artwork

Et in Arcadia Ego

Description: A painting depicting idealized shepherds from classical antiquity, clustering around a tomb.
Date: 1638/1639
Creator: Poussin, Nicolas
Item Type: Image