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Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1966
Creator: Krasner, Lee

Aristide Sommati

Description: The portrait is drawn in charcoal on paper. The lines are expressive and bold. A faint drawing is also visible from the opposite side of the paper.
Date: 1908~
Creator: Modigliani, Amedeo

Dandy with Cigar

Description: The drawing depicts a caricature of a man in profile smoking a large cigar. The drawing is mostly in black pencil with some red on the dandy's nose and some yellow in his hair.
Date: 1857
Creator: Monet, Claude

Head of a Woman

Description: The drawing depicts the frontal view of a woman. The face is more complete and embellished with color while the rest of the drawing consists of only a few expressive lines.
Date: unknown
Creator: Klimt, Gustav

Two Cats

Description: The image depicts two cats, one black and one white. They face each other and the composition creates an 8 shape with drawing strokes that are expressive and energetic.
Date: unknown
Creator: Marc, Franz


Description: Vertically oriented oil painting depicts a singer playing a stringed instrument. The setting appears to be a small enclosed space.
Date: 1950
Creator: Tamayo, Rufino

The Fisherman

Description: This oil painting, almost square, depicts a boy sitting on a rock catching a fish in a small net. In the background are stylized houses, trees, and hills. The colors are saturated greens, pinks, and blues.
Date: unknown
Creator: Amaral, Tarsila do

Fashion Designs for Women

Description: This colored engraving depicts two women wearing dresses designed in the 1860s.
Date: 186?
Creator: Worth, Charles Frederick

Thank You Tree, Edgemar

Description: This decorative tree is assembled from metal shopping carts and large Christmas tree ornaments. It is about forty feet tall and is an annual tradition which began in 1996. The piece is presented in the Edgemar Complex, Santa Monica, California, courtyard during the Christmas season.
Date: 1996/2007
Creator: Schmitt, Anthony