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[Place de Clichy]
Photograph of the Place de Clichy in Paris, France. The intersection is visible in the foreground. White buildings surround the intersection. Cars are parked in front of buildings.
Photograph of Notre-Dame-la-Grande in Poitiers, France. The church facade is visible in the foreground. Multiple people are visible in front of the church. Buildings and trees are visible in the background.
[Saint Peter's Church Entrance]
Photograph of Saint Peter's Church in Moissac, France. The church entrance is visible from the street in the middle ground. In the foreground, a street is visible with vendors and shops. The doors to the church are open.
[Carcassone Cemetery]
Photograph of a cemetery in Carcassone, France. In the foreground, two angels sit atop a tomb decorated with crucifixes and a book. Another grave is partially visible on the left side. The fortified city wall is visible in the background behind the graves.