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Green Leaves

Description: No Description Available.
Date: c.1963
Creator: O'Keeffe, Georgia

Walking Man

Description: No Description Available.
Date: [1878..1903]
Creator: Rodin, Auguste

[Graffiti, Venice Beach, California]

Description: The side of a building is painted with graffiti. The colors are predominately blues and there is some English text.
Date: 1994
Creator: Baby Andrew


Description: No Description Available.
Date: [c.1890 - 1900]
Creator: Peto, John Frederick

Lion Fighting a Serpent

Description: Bronze sculpture of a lion fighting a serpent.
Date: 1832 - 1835
Creator: Barye, Antoine-Louis

Comic Map of Europe

Description: Caricature figures are arranged to create the shapes of each European country.
Date: 1870~
Creator: Rose, Frederick

A Cotillion

Description: One-half of a satirical cartoon depicts dancers in various poses in a horizontal line across the page.
Date: 1788
Creator: Gillray, James


Description: The humorous illustration depicts people behaving poorly at dinner. There is dialogue written above the heads of the diners.
Date: May 1816
Creator: Rowlandson, Thomas

Robertena Peelena the Maid of All Work

Description: The humorous image depicts a household servant wielding a wet mop that has the words, free trade, written on the bottom.
Date: unknown
Creator: Heath, William

Metallic Tractors

Description: The caption underneath the illustration of a man succumbing to the chicanery of a quack doctor says Metallic-Tractors.
Date: unknown
Creator: Gillray, James

To Annihilate the Self-hood of Deceit

Description: In the foreground, a man is seen from behind as he reaches around the neck of a bearded man. Across the top of the work is a frieze of five figures each playing a musical instrument. Across the bottom of the work is text quoting the poet Milton.
Date: unknown
Creator: Blake, William, 1757-1827

The Royal Arms Jubilant

Description: Queen Victoria, a lion picking his teeth, a unicorn, coat of arms, champagne, flags, meat on a platter, seascape, boats in the distance are all pictured in this satirical cartoon from the weekly magazine, St. Stephen's Review.
Date: 1887
Creator: Mecham, William