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Excuse Me
A male figure in the foreground looks at something on a woman's desk. She is seated and holds a telephone receiver. Behind her is a man looking closely at a painting on the wall. The woman states, "Excuse me, these are private papers." The painting on the wall consists of squares of different colors. The man in the foreground is painted in a dark pinkish red tone.
The Europeans
Two figures in the foreground, seen from the chest up, comment on European angst. A figure in silhouette exits by a set of stairs. Bright yellow light illuminates the exterior of the gallery in which the people in the foreground stand. Talk bubbles are used for the figures' comments. A poster on the wall depicts German Expressionism. The style is like that of cartoons and graphic novels. The colors are bright and flat.
Voertman Awards / Call for Entries
This poster was created by an art student for the 1983 Voertman Award Competition and Exhibition. Depicted near the bottom of the poster is a palette and paintbrush displayed as though a fine dish of food. The stylized design is in blue and pink.
Voertman's Student Competion (sic) Competition / The Race is On!
This poster was created by an art student for the annual 1984 Voertman Award Competition and Exhibition. The imagery depicted at the top of the poster is a large pencil turned into a race car. The colors are red, yellow and black.
A Collective Case Study of Veterans Inside an Arts and Crafts Room and their Perceptions Regarding Empowerment
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on Coming Home. The author discusses methods and findings from a project she participated in related to how veterans narrated their experiences through art. Her component of the study evaluated participants and described what they gained through creating arts and crafts.
Voertman Awards / Voertman Awards / Voertman Awards
This poster was created by an art student for the annual Voertman Award Competition and Exhibition.
Our Best Shots
This poster was created by an art student for the annual Voertman Award Competition and Exhibition. The juror for the competition was Linda Cathcart. Depicted are soldiers and their weapons are a pencil, paintbrush and a crayon.
Voertman Awards
This poster was created by an art student for the annual Voertman Award Competition and Exhibition held in 1982. The juror is listed as Ric Collier, the Director of the Corpus Christi Art Museum.
This Spring's Harvest / The Voertman Awards / North Texas State University 1979
This poster created by an art student for the annual Voertman Award Competition and Exhibition depicts a tractor harvesting the year's crop. The colors are red, yellow, gray and black. The juror is listed on the poster as Ron Gleason, Director of the Tyler Museum of Art.
Green Leaves
No Description Available.
Lacquered Bronze Mirror
Mirror with decorative birds and flowers.
Walking Man
No Description Available.
Chartres Cathedral, Plan
No Description Available.
Dome of the Rock
No Description Available.
Arlington National Cemetery
A wreath is situated in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Alcatraz Island
This view is of a sign indicating Alcatraz Island.
Alcatraz Island
The administration building's crest is shown in this close detail.
[Graffiti, Venice Beach, California]
The side of a building is painted with graffiti. The colors are predominately blues and there is some English text.
[Graffiti, Venice Beach, California]
This detail of the painted wall shows the face from the lower right section.
[Graffiti, Venice Beach, California]
The main portion of the north wall is shown. There is some text and two faces.
[Graffiti, Venice Beach, California]
A close view of a person's face is depicted in this image.
[Graffiti, Venice Beach, California]
The detail shows a portion of the wall that has been covered with a graffiti mural.
[Graffiti, Venice Beach, California]
A close view of some of the text is shown.
Arlington National Cemetery
This view shows a detail of a commemorative inscription dedicated to women in the services.
[Graffiti, Venice Beach, California]
A portion of the north wall includes a face and parts of some text.
[Graffiti, Venice Beach, California]
A close view of the wall includes the texture underneath the paint and a detail of some of the text.
No Description Available.
Lion Fighting a Serpent
Bronze sculpture of a lion fighting a serpent.
The vertically oriented postcard includes a huddle of three people in the lower right and the space allotted for a message has been used. A short holiday greeting and address change are the content of the message written in ink on the postcard.
Comic Map of Europe
Caricature figures are arranged to create the shapes of each European country.
A Cotillion
One-half of a satirical cartoon depicts dancers in various poses in a horizontal line across the page.
The humorous illustration depicts people behaving poorly at dinner. There is dialogue written above the heads of the diners.
Microcosm Dedicated to the London Water Companies: Monster Soup Commonly Called Thames Water, being a Correct Representation of that Precious Stuff Doled Out to Us!!!
The illustration is a satire of the quality of London water.
Robertena Peelena the Maid of All Work
The humorous image depicts a household servant wielding a wet mop that has the words, free trade, written on the bottom.
Metallic Tractors
The caption underneath the illustration of a man succumbing to the chicanery of a quack doctor says Metallic-Tractors.
To Annihilate the Self-hood of Deceit
In the foreground, a man is seen from behind as he reaches around the neck of a bearded man. Across the top of the work is a frieze of five figures each playing a musical instrument. Across the bottom of the work is text quoting the poet Milton.
New Year's Card with Characters Fuku and Ju
The horizontal oriented postcard is decorated with a English salutation of Happy New Year as well as a Japanese greeting. The design of the card is reminiscent of Art Nouveau.
The Royal Arms Jubilant
Queen Victoria, a lion picking his teeth, a unicorn, coat of arms, champagne, flags, meat on a platter, seascape, boats in the distance are all pictured in this satirical cartoon from the weekly magazine, St. Stephen's Review.
Caricature of Pizarro Contemplating the Product of His New Peruvian Mine
No Description Available.
Very Unpleasant Weather, or the Old Saying Verified, Raining Cats, Dogs, and Pitchforks
A group of people braving the rain and wind are pummeled by cats, dogs, and pitchforks falling from the sky.
The Town Guard
No Description Available.
The Secret Insult or Bribery and Corruption Rejected
This color engraving depicts royals and officials with commentary about money and the throne.
Pencil of Nature
The cover of the book is decorated with a cartouche in black and red in a mixture of styles, Medieval, Celtic and Victorian.
Fashion Before Ease or A Good Constitution Sacrificed for a Fantastic Form
The original color etching depicts a tailor attempting with great exertion to tighten a woman's corset. Text beneath the illustration is satirical in nature.
Living Made Easy: Duelling Apparatus for Gentlemen of Weak Nerves
The focal point of the print shows a man inside an apparatus that assists the firing of his gun. Two men behind a tree pull on a string.
Illuminated Sign "Bayer Aspirin" in Central Osaka
The vertically oriented postcard depicts a neon Bayer Aspirin sign above a building with a silhouette of people below. The sky is dark and the only illumination is the sign and the interior of the building. A few stars twinkle in the sky and some Japanese text runs along the bottom.
[35 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois, United States]
Detailed view of stonework and windows above the front doors of a multistory building at 35 East Wacker Drive in Chicago, Illinois. The address, "35 East Wacker Drive" is engraved in the stone above the doors, at the bottom of this image. The building was also formerly known as the North American Life Building, the Pure Oil Building, and the Jewelers' Building.
Creole Dance
No Description Available.
Wonder Wheel (Coney Island)
This oil painting depicts a scene from Coney Island which includes a Wonder Wheel, signage advertising frankfurters and hamburgers, Astroland, and an ATM.
Two self-portraits and in the margin below is written a joke in English and Hebrew.