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First Loom for Weaving Stockings
Main view of the first loom used for weaving stockings.
Vertically oriented oil painting depicts a singer playing a stringed instrument. The setting appears to be a small enclosed space.
View of a loom invented by Joseph Jacquard.
Ms 327 (2) folio 214v, Stonemasons
Stonemasons exhibit their techniques to each other.
Ms 327 folio 28r, Surveying and Demarcation of Land
Surveyors are depicted demarcating land.
Ms 327 folio 201v, A Surveyor with His Workers
A surveyor and his workers are depicted in this illuminated manuscript folio.
Ms 327 folio 226v, Demarcation of Land
Two men are depicted marking off a piece of land.
Anatomical Drawing of the Bones of the Foot
Drawing with gouache paint on paper depicts bones of the human foot.
The Fisherman
This oil painting, almost square, depicts a boy sitting on a rock catching a fish in a small net. In the background are stylized houses, trees, and hills. The colors are saturated greens, pinks, and blues.
Anatomical Drawing of the Human Head
Gouache drawing on paper depicts the anatomy of a human head.
Fashion Designs for Women
This colored engraving depicts two women wearing dresses designed in the 1860s.
Norton Residence
The street entrance of the facade, garage doors, and outdoor stairs to roof are shown in the east view.
Norton Residence
Close view of the balcony on the beach house is shown.
Thank You Tree, Edgemar
This decorative tree is assembled from metal shopping carts and large Christmas tree ornaments. It is about forty feet tall and is an annual tradition which began in 1996. The piece is presented in the Edgemar Complex, Santa Monica, California, courtyard during the Christmas season.
Pacific Design Center
Night time view of the facade of Center Green is visible behind a portion of Center Blue.
Pacific Design Center
The view is a floodlit view across the landscaped plaza with some Center Green facade visible behind Center Blue.
Pacific Design Center
The atrium, floodlit at night, of Center Blue is visible.
Pacific Design Center
Design of the floor and ceiling of the interior of the atrium of Center Green is seen.
Pacific Design Center
Escalators in cylindrical escalator tower are part of Center Green.
Pacific Design Center
View upward shows floors and cylindrical escalator tower.
Great Glass House, National Botanic Garden of Wales
The main view of the west elevation of the glass house shows its setting on a slight hill.
Great Glass House, National Botanic Garden of Wales
Interior view of the greenhouse shows the arch supports of the ceiling.
Great Glass House, National Botanic Garden of Wales
Interior of the greenhouse shows both the ceiling construction and the tubular supports surrounding.
Great Glass House, National Botanic Garden of Wales
The interior of the greenhouse exhibits many different plants and a waterfall.
TAC Tea Service
The porcelain tea service consists of four pieces, tea pot, tea cup with saucer, sugar bowl and creamer.
Woman's Two-piece Dress: Jacket and Skirt
Side view of nineteenth-century dress made of blue bengaline, tan taffeta and dark blue satin stripes.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park
Portion of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park in New Mexico, including the walkway and entrance, with a winding wall and totem plaques.
Petroglyphs, Kane Creek Road, near Moab, Utah
This portion of the living rock contains anthropomorphic shapes and animals.
Petroglyphs, Kane Creek Road, near Moab, Utah
Shallow incised petroglyphs are visible in this living rock. This view is referred to as the Birth Rock.
Petroglyphs, Kane Creek Road, near Moab, Utah
This living rock contains a petroglyph of a snake.
Petroglyphs, Kane Creek Road, near Moab, Utah
The petroglyphs in this living rock include some lozenge shapes with x-pattern, small stick figure, mountain sheep, and another small animal, possibly a dog.
Petroglyphs, Kane Creek Road, near Moab, Utah
This group of petroglyphs includes snakes, hoof prints, sheep, deer, and possibly a rainbow.
Petroglyphs, Kane Creek Road, near Moab, Utah
This living rock includes petroglyphs in the shapes of animals and people and a vandalized anthropomorphic shape with feathers.
Petroglyphs, Kane Creek Road, near Moab, Utah
This living rock has large outlined petroglyphs.
Petroglyphs, Kane Creek Road, near Moab, Utah
This living rock has outlined anthropomorphs.
Great Glass House, National Botanic Garden of Wales
The elliptical shaped greenhouse echoes the gentle shape of the hill on which it sits.
Bobby Short
Bobby Short and two other musicians play to a small audience. A mural behind the musicians is reminiscent of Picasso.
Atlantic City
A boardwalk with a ferris wheel and other rides juts from the right side of the canvas, a small boat grounded on the shore, a young woman building a sand castle, and scattered children play and wade at the water's edge are depicted in this oil painting.
Ken Versus the Balloon
This watercolor painting on paper depicts a young man attempting to pop balloons at an arcade in order to win a stuffed bear.
Two self-portraits and in the margin below is written a joke in English and Hebrew.
Woman Brushing Her Hair III
This painting depicts a woman brushing her long hair and looking into a silver hand-held mirror.
Wonder Wheel (Coney Island)
This oil painting depicts a scene from Coney Island which includes a Wonder Wheel, signage advertising frankfurters and hamburgers, Astroland, and an ATM.
The Last Automat III
The painting depicts an Automat food dispenser with two pieces of what looks like lemon merigue pie inside.
Central Park Nocturne
This oil painting depicts Central Park at night. Street lamps illuminate the snow-covered pathway.
My Parents at Coney Island
This watercolor painting on paper depicts two people, parents, standing at a food stand at Coney Island.
Allegory of Geometry
A heavily robed female figure holds for display a sheet of paper upon which are geometric drawings. In the figure's left hand are a right angle and a compass. A globe, a serpent, an obilisk, a carved sarcophagus, and a sphinx round out the composition.
Another Chance
The oil painting includes a depiction of a green plant on a stand that sits in a wooden chair. Peering through the vines a woman can be seen in the background and a large overturned wicker basket and a large bowl of fruit sit on the table.
The City of Paris
Bright colors and flat planes of color create a swirling motion with a depiction of the Eiffel Tower and three nude figures.
Norton Residence
The west facade of the beach house is included in this view from the northwest direction.
Norton Residence
The study pod elevated on a supporting post is viewed from the west in this depiction.