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Léopold Zborowski
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Jeanne Hebuterne in a Yellow Sweater
The painting is a portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne wearing a yellow sweater.
Pair of lady's boots of black leather. The "high button shoes" are designed with pointed toes, slightly rounded at tips. The boots lace up along the front with 18 holes. Lined at with black fabric. Modified Louis or boulevard heels, rounded at sides and back, flaring to base, and curved at front. Black leather soles. Embroidered logo inside: "[Part lion/part fish symbol] / Wichert / New York"
Chad Gadya
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The City
No Description Available.
King of Atlantis
The sculpture depicts two cattle or bison type animals with a seated human figure between them. The figure appears to be seated in front of and wearing a pyramidal shaped head piece.
Lake George, Coat and Red
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No Description Available.
Maine Landscape with Fog
The landscape painting consists of two boulders in the foreground and evergreen trees in the background. The composition is slightly a horizontal one and the painting consists of two main colors, a green and a gray.
Proun 1 D
No Description Available.
Pair of pumps of black leather. The shoes are designed with pointed toe and plain leather upper. The 2" heel is of modified Louis style, covered with black leather and flaring at base. Retailer label: "Sanger Brothers / Dallas - Waco"
Self Portrait with Spanish Influenza
Two Nude Girls
Painting depicting two nude girls.
Two Nude Girls (half-length)
nude women
Wedding Slippers
Pair of wedding slippers of ivory silk satin. Shoes have pointed toes and slight "rolled edge" stitched accent along top of shoe. 2" high modified Louis or cuban heel, flaring to base. Retailer's mark stamped on insole: "Thayer-McNeil Company / Boston" Handwritten inside shoe: "7054 / 4 1/2 aa / 20942"
Abstract Painting of Marcel Duchamp
No Description Available.
Abstraction, Biarritz
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No Description Available.
Hat of plum colored velvet. Designed as a modified cloche, the low domed crown consists of two layers, "puffed" out and shirred to create gathers and folds. Between the layers is a band of ribbon trim with purple/plum dyed ostrich plumes, which form a "fringe" around the hat. The lower "puff" acts as brim. Lined in black fabric. There are no maker's, designer's, or retailer's labels or marks in the piece.
Interior with Figures
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Mme. Zborowska (?)
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Portrait of Joan Salvat-Papasseit (1894-1924)
The portrait consists of large, flat planes of varying values juxtaposed to create the shape of the head. Individualistic facials details have been excluded and the planes of the face blend with the planes of the surrounding space.
Rhythm of a Russian Dance
Oil painting depicting colored lines on a light background.
No Description Available.
Secession 49. Austellung
No Description Available.
Pair of woman's shoes of black leather and black suede. The black leather toe sections of the shoes are designed with gently rounded points. The back part of the shoes, and the single strap across the instep, are of black suede. Each of the straps secure with two circular iridescent black buttons. Shoes are lined in tan cloth inside toes, black leather insoles, and black fabric inside heels. Soles of black and tan leather. Medium heel of modified French style, with rounded sides and back, and slightly curving inner side. Stamped in gilt on insole: "Bench / Volk's / Made". Hand-written notation inside shoes: "6C / 18638 / 29"
Suprematist Composition: White on White
The painting is composed of two squares, one within the other, in shades of white.
Walking Shoes
Walking shoes of tan and black leather. The rounded toe and vamp are of black polished leather, the heel and sides of tan kid leather. A single strap across the instep fastens with two circular buttons out outer side of shoe. Decorative black stitching around edges and across strap on tan leather. Insole of light brown leather, and the insides of the sides are lined in tan leather. heavy low stacked heel. Sole of black leather with heavy applied rubber heel. Maker's label stamped in silver on insole: "Foot Schulze & Co / St., Paul" Stamped notation on lining: "455 29100" Molded into bottom of heel: "WAUK LITE" and "8"
Young Girl's Party Dress
Young girl's party dress of yellow heavy crepe paper over white cotton(?). “Paper dress” is knee-length, sleeveless, with rounded neckline and wide straps. A-line under-layer of white cotton is overlaid by 7 wide horizontal tiers of yellow heavy crepe paper “petals”. Center-back opening with single tiny circular white button at neckline. No labels visible in garment.
Adrienne (Woman with Bangs)
No Description Available.
Allies Day, May 1917
No Description Available.
Anna Zborowska
This painting is a portrait of Anna Zborowska.
Anne with a Japanese Parasol
Portrait of a young girl with a parasol.
Architectonic Painting
Painting of red, orange,pink,green and black varied opaque layered geometric shapes.
Chaim Soutine
No Description Available.
Evening Star III
No Description Available.
Head of a Woman
No Description Available.
Light Blouse
No Description Available.
A Cubist portrait of a musician.
Nude on a Blue Cushion
The painting is of a female nude laying on a blue cushion.
Sand Hills of the Engadine
No Description Available.
Seated Youth
No Description Available.
Pair of lady's boots or "High Button Shoes" of dark brown leather. The shoes, designed with pointed toes, lace closed along center front with laces 16 holes high. Embellished at toe with cut steel beads forming interlacing bands and lines. Medium height heels styled as a modified boulevard or Louis heel, with rounded sides and back, tapering to center and then flaring out again at base, and with curved front section. Sole of black leather. Lined in black leather and off-white fabric. Retailer's(?) stamp inside, partly illegible: "Famous / Paris, Tex." Hand-written notation on lining: "38-1 80364" Sold by Famous Shoe Store, Paris Texas (est. 1891). Worn by Kennie Holt Rucker in 1917-1918. Donated by Mary Helen Rucker to the Historical Collection (North Texas State University,Denton, Tex.). Transferred to the Texas Fashion Collection.
The Sideboard
No Description Available.
The abstract oil painting includes hues of red, blue, yellow, orange, brown, green and black.
Synchromy in Blue
The abstract painting includes hues of blue, red, yellow, green, white, and black.
Woman at the Piano
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Woman with Red Hair
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Young Women with a Seagull
Two women, one wearing a red hat and the other a blue hat, stand seaside in conversation. In front of the women, a white bird is visible and in the near distance a body of water. The sky is blue and clear.