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Defining a New Coast: G.I.S. Reconstruction of Maillezais Abbey’s Hydraulic Drainage Program and the Coastline It Created
This article discusses the expansion of Maillezais Abbey and the creation of its hydraulic infrastructure.
The Lady of the Marshes: Place, Identity, and Coudrette’s Mélusine in Late-Medieval Poitou
This article discusses the use of the poetic romance, Mélusine or Le Roman de Parthenay, as a tale of identity, place, and the foundational role of women in the creation of dynastic, land-based legacies, supported through visual imagery analysis and theoretical models from cultural geography.
Relevant Interdisciplinarity: Taking the Art History Classroom to the Field
This article situates Medieval Studies in the ever-evolving education environment that has linked the public rhetoric of the academy to business models.
Visibility & Control in the Vendee
This article uses fieldwork and the concept of relative aging to argue that the system of canals within the Vendee region of western France were begun in the tenth and eleventh centuries in conjunction with the Maillezais Abbey relocation and rebuilding.