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Houses in Dresden

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1909-1910
Creator: Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig

The Back I

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1909
Creator: Matisse, Henri

Church at Murnau

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1909
Creator: Kandinsky, Vassily


Description: This painting contains five nude figures, holding hands, dancing in a circle on a green foreground with a background of a dark blue.
Date: 1909
Creator: Matisse, Henri

The Equatorial Jungle

Description: Oil painting depicting a jungle scene filled with vegetation and flowers, as well as several animals.
Date: 1909
Creator: Rousseau, Henri

The People's Budget

Description: A group of people in the background carry protest placards while a disheveled couple in the foreground make a comment about taxes.
Date: 1909
Creator: Walker, Jack

Portrait of Gerta Schiele

Description: Painting of a seated female figure with cloth wrap around of shoulders and mid arm. Red, green, white and brown intricate pattern motif around base of seat.
Date: 1909~
Creator: Schiele, Egon

Aristide Sommati

Description: The portrait is drawn in charcoal on paper. The lines are expressive and bold. A faint drawing is also visible from the opposite side of the paper.
Date: 1908~
Creator: Modigliani, Amedeo

Bronze Figure

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1908
Creator: MATISSE, Henri


Description: The interior scene shows a table covered with a red, pink and purple tablecloth with black bands on which a vase of flowers, a bird statue, a piece of fruit, a glass, and a book are seen. In the background is a landscape of a tree with red fruit, green grass, birds, and one white and yellow flower.
Date: 1908
Creator: Münter, Gabriele

Maine Woods

Description: A landscape painting of a forest.
Date: 1908
Creator: Hartley, Marsden

Musical Instruments

Description: A still life painting of instruments and sheet music.
Date: 1908
Creator: Braque, Georges