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Christ Blessing

Description: It is a round disc with painting of christ. Upper half of the body is visible with one hand holding a book and the other hand in gestural position. There is a circular disc behing the figure with painted motifs in green, blue and white colors. There is visible clothing worn by christ and textures are visible on the dark blue cloth worn over inside layer of clothing. Book has geen, yellow, red and white color motifs. Other than this there are two small circular discs on the plate with written text in latin. They are blue, white and red in color. Other than that metal is visible with plain golden surface.
Date: 0100~

Dish with the bust of a man inside

Description: This is a round silver metalwork dish. There is face of a man displayed in the center of the dish. Torso of the man is also visible. This sculpture like figure is surrounded by a ring that gives the bust of the man a confined vicinity. Other than the textures on the male figure the entire dish as been given a clean , smooth and glazed finish.
Date: 0100~