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Mrs. John Lothrop
Portrait of Mrs. John Lothrop, pictured from the waist up. She is wearing a yellow dress with white accents, and has flowers in her hair. She is holding a rose and a fan in her hands and more flowers are visible in the background.
Bust of Countess Du Barry (1743-93)
Total from front right
Bust of Countess Du Barry (1743-93)
Total from right front
Abigail Smith Babcock (Mrs Adam Babcock)
Oil painting of Abigail Smith Babcock wearing a pink-colored gown and a fur-lined cloak. She is seated for the portrait, facing toward the right side of the painting. She appears to be holding beads in her hands.
Ariadne Abandoned by Theseus on Naxos
No Description Available.
Bust of Christoph Willibald von Gluck
The bust of a man with a ruffled shirt is depicted in this monochromatic bust.
George Washington at Bartram's Garden
No Description Available.
Purse of multicolored Bargello needlepoint. The envelope-style purse is covered in silk embroidery in greens, blues, reds, pinks, black, etc., in the Florentine Bargello, edged in green wool. On one side, under flap, is rectangular section with monogram FH and date 1775 worked in embroidery. Opens to reveal 2 separate compartments, lined in green homespun wool. Silk embroidery is disintegrating to reveal canvas ground.
The portrait is of a man wearing head covering, glasses and gazing straight out of the picture plane.
Benjamin West
Portrait of Benjamin West, visible from the waist up, posing with his right elbow on a table. He is wearing a blue coat and dark hat, holding a frame in his left hand.
Colonel Guy Johnson and Karonghyontye (Captain David Hill)
Depicted are both Colonel Guy Johnson and behind him, Captain David Hill (Karonghyontye, a Mohawk chief) in almost life-size oil painting.
Voltaire Nude
quasi-total from front
Voltaire Nude
half-length from right
Lady Elizabeth Delmé and Her Children
Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Delmé, seated under a tree with her left arm around a young boy and girl. A dog is seated in front of the children. Other trees are visible in teh background.
The Punished Son
No Description Available.
The Punished Son
dying father
The Punished Son
mother and returning repentant son
Still Life with Plums and a Lemon
Painting depicting still life with plums and a lemon.
Still Life with Plums and a Lemon
plums, lemon, knife