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Alice Antoinette de la Mar

Description: A young girl wearing a pink dress with pink stockings and a large white feather hat is flanked by two large white and tan dogs.
Date: 1900/1927~
Creator: van Beers, Jan

The Clown

Description: Seated in the middle of the room is a man wearing a woman's ruffled skirt and pink jacket. At his feet is an umbrella. The room appears to be elegant in its appointments and the wallpaper is striped with flowers.
Date: 1900/1938~
Creator: Willaert, Ferdinand

Girl with a Pendulum

Description: Painting depicting a girl with a pendulum.
Date: 1900
Creator: Paula Modersohn-Becker

Three Dancers

Description: A sketch of three ballerinas stretching.
Date: 1900~
Creator: Degas, Edgar

The Town Guard

Description: A line of a dozen men, in a variety of dress, wield rifles while in the background a thirteenth man receives advice from a woman.
Date: 1900
Creator: Dixon, Clive


Description: A painted figure of a reclining nude fills the top cover of a virginal while geometric and floral decoration surrounds the rest of the case.
Date: 1900/1934~
Creator: Fry, Roger

La Coiffure

Description: The painting shows the unclothed back of a female who is sitting at a dresser in front of a mirror with her arms raised fixing her hair. There is what appears to be a red garment with white trim around her lower body. A small, yellow pot holding red flowers sits on the dresser and a white fabric circles around the edges of the dresser.
Date: 1901
Creator: Matisse, Henri

The Coming Storm

Description: A landscape painting of a storm approaching over a lake.
Date: 1901
Creator: Homer, Winslow

Girls on a Bridge

Description: Painting depicting girls on a bridge.
Date: 1901
Creator: Edvard Munch

Le Gourmet

Description: Painting of a young girl tipping a bowl to scape out the last bit of food. Le Gourmet was painted by Pablo Picasso during his Blue Period. The French translation of "Le Gourmet" means "Lover of Food" in English.
Date: 1901~
Creator: Picasso, Pablo

Woman Holding a Dog

Description: Pastel drawing depicts woman in light pinkish coat and black hat holding a small white dog.
Date: 1901~
Creator: Cassatt, Mary, 1844-1926

The Seine

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1902~
Creator: Tanner, Henry Ossawa