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Atahualpa, Fourteenth Inca, One of Fourteen Portraits of Inca Kings
The portrait is inside a roundel with the text, "el tirano Bastardo, Atahualpa," encircling the portrait. The man holds a staff with a sun burst at the end and wears a highly decorated cape.
Capitalist Dinner, Court of the Fiestas, Corrido of the Agrarian Revolution
The mural located in the Hall of the Agrarian Revolution, level three, north wall, shows five diners and a child crying in front of a scene of men holding baskets of harvest and rifles with straps of ammunition.
The Learned, Court of the Fiestas, Corrido of the Agrarian Revolution
A group of people surround an elderly man with a long white beard and wearing a funnel on his head. In the background are men wearing straps of ammunition. One man in the foreground sits on a stack of books and another man in the foreground holds a feather quill pen and sits on an elephant sculpture. Some text in Spanish drapes across the top of the mural panel.
The Attack into the Unknown: German Troops Advancing on Stalingrad, from Signal Magazine
Single page from Signal magazine shows a Nazi flag, soldiers and a tank. Text at the bottom of the image has the title "El asalto en lo desconocido" and the text: "El corresponsal de guerra de "Signal" PK. Artur Grimm describe en las páginas siguientes la cooperación alemana entre Infantería, Ingenieros y Caros de Combate."
[Calle de la Aurora No. 10]
Photograph of wooden gates at Calle de la Aurora No. 10 in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The gates are visible in center foreground. A vine covered wall surrounds the gates. Beyond the gates, trees and a house are partially visible.
[Central Square]
Photograph of a square in Cuernavaca, Mexico. In the foreground, numerous people are visible on the street. In the middle of the square, an equestrian statue is visible. Buildings and churches are visible in the background on the other side of the square.
[Cholula Church]
Photograph of a church in Cholula, Mexcio. The square in front of the church is visible in the foreground. There is a male statue in the center of the square on a pedestal. People are visible on the streets surrounding the square. Behind the square, the church walls and dome are visible. A red truck sits in front of the church.
[Palacio de Cortés]
Photograph of the Palacio de Cortés in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The palace is visible in the left side of the frame. Cars are parked beside the palace. A red building is visible in the background.