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Description: Clutch handbag of patent leather in small oval shape. Gold tone closure of three rings in bamboo pattern. Tuckable gold herringbone chain; 1/4" strap 30"long. Three interior compartments with black faille lining; 2 inner pocket, 1 with gold faille lining. Designer's stamp: "M M / Morris Moskowitz" Original maker's card in small black compartment; side 1: "M M / Morris Moskowitz"; side 2: This / Handbag is Made / Of Man Made / Materials" Measurements: 22cm L, 16cm H (with closure), 3cm W
Date: 1973
Creator: Moskowitz, Morris


Description: This painting contains the lower part of a white window shade over the top part of the canvas with several cords and rings painted on the canvas to give the appearance of a swinging pull cord.
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Date: 1961
Creator: Moskowitz, Robert S.

Evening Coat

Description: Evening coat of gold metallic brocade in a floral motif with multicolored rectangles. Cocoon-style, with white fox collar, the full-length barrel sleeves with matching fur trimmed cuffs. The coat has a single button closure, and pink silk satin lining. Label: "Hattie Moss / Walnut at Seventeenth / Philadelphia"
Date: 1926
Creator: Moss, Hattie

In Black with Pink

Description: This is an abstract painting with collage elements in hues of red and blue with black and white.
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Date: 1966
Creator: Motherwell, Robert

Little Spanish Prison

Description: This oil painting has twelve vertical stripes in alternating hues of yellow and grey with one red horizontal stripe crossing three horizontal stripes on the upper left area of the painting.
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Date: 1941 - 1944
Creator: Motherwell, Robert

Reconciliation Elegy,

Description: This painting has three large abstract shapes in black on a white background which has a row of thin vertical stripes, also in black.
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Date: 1978
Creator: Motherwell, Robert


Description: Evening coat of brocade and fur. The full-length coat is of a pale yellow silk brocade, with a pattern of flowers and scrolls in reds, purples, blues, white, silver, and gold. It has long sleeves and opens along the center front, with no closures. The cuffs and collar are wide bands of dyed purple fox fur. The coat is lined in a pale tan/yellow silk. Sewn in below collar at inside center back is designer's label: "Designed / by Mouratidis / Washington DC" Attached inside right side near hip is original paper label printed on one side "Balenciaga / Paris", and written on the back "Brocade evening mystery / coat w/fox / R". Donated to the Texas Fashion Collection by Helen Noumas, in memory of her partner Michael Mouratidis, designer of the piece.
Date: 1989
Creator: Mouratidis, Michael, 1920-2002

Calotte Hat

Description: Calotte style hat of white fur with small white satin brim. Matching front satin bow off center to the right. Manufacturer's label inside crown: "Mousse / HB / Made in France" Retailer's label on inside hatband at back: "Bonwit Teller"
Date: 1939
Creator: Mousse


Description: Hat of chocolate colored mink fur. Somewhat in a pillbox shape, but much larger, the slightly domed crown fully covers the head. Brown corduroy lining trimmed with grosgrain ribbon. Labels: Designer's label: "Mr. D" United Hatters, Cap and Millinery Workers International Union label.
Date: 1934/1969
Creator: Mr. D


Description: Hat of navy blue straw. The cylindrical crown is flattened at top. Around the sides of the crown are wide band of grosgrain ribbon, almost as wide as the side of the crown. The ribbon is embellished with maroon red satin "dots", affixed to the ribbon. At the side, towards the back, the ribbon has two short trailing ends extending outwards. The brim is very narrow, of the same straw as the crown. The hat is lined with dark blue mesh, and has an inner hatband of dark blue grosgrain ribbon around the inside base of the crown. Maker's label sewn to inner hatband: " Mr. D' " The hat is accompanied by one short hatpin with a faux tear-drop shaped pearl head.
Date: 1948
Creator: Mr. D'

Calotte Hat

Description: Calotte style hat in muted pink velvet. Crown has narrow 1" down-turned brim, trimmed with velvet flowers and pink ostrich feathers. Netting of same color as trim. One large, clear rhinestone on side of hat. Elastic band for securing hat to wearer's head.
Date: 1948
Creator: Mr. John


Description: Hat of light beige fabric embellished with top-stitching. The high, cylindrical crown has a rounded edge, and has top-stitching in parallel rows arranged in panels, forming a "patchwork" pattern. The crown is encircled at the base by a wide folded band of beige fabric with bow at back. Wide brim slopes downwards, and has concentric rings of top-stitching. The crown is lined with cream fabric printed in dark golden yellow with "Mr. John" logo in script over entire field. The hat has an inner black grosgrain ribbon hatband, and a second under layer band of off-white lace. Designers Label: "Mr. John" Accompanied by a small hat pin, the head covered with fabric matching the hatband/bow.
Date: 1955/1959
Creator: Mr. John


Description: Picture hat of natural woven Milan straw, forming a wide shaped brim that curves downwards to the edges. Brim is rounded in front, flaring out slightly to back and forming two projecting lobes at back. Around brim is a band of woven straw for strength. Very low cylindrical crown, slightly domed. Around crown is twisted gold velvet band forming bow with trailing ribbons at back. Inside base of crown is off-white grosgrain ribbon band. Hatpin with green faceted rhinestone head. Sewn into inner ribbon band is label: "John Fredericks Inc. / New York", "Made In America". Label has three rhinestones sewn to it, and has two small green ribbon bows at opposing corners.
Date: [1960..1969]
Creator: Mr. John


Description: Hat of beige/brown felt. The domed crown gently transitions into the medium-width brim, and extends forward in front, flattening and forming a bill-like extension. At sides and back, brim turns up and extends vertically most of height of crown. The underside of the brim/bill is made of same felt, carried under to continue same facing as top. Crown is unlined, and the hat has a brown grosgrain ribbon inner hatband and a black elastic cord secured to inner hatband to help secure hat to wearer's head. Label sewn inside crown: "Mr. John"
Date: 1955~
Creator: Mr. John


Description: Hat of white/black striped silk. Pieced, skullcap crown with narrow, folded brim. Inner headband of black grosgrain ribbon. Unlined. Designer's label: "Mr. John Inc."
Date: 1945/1949
Creator: Mr. John

Toque Hat

Description: a) Toque of red/orange and yellow print wool. Two hatpins with spherical heads covered in material matching toque and head scarf. Lined in white with "Mr John" pattern in gold. Designer' label on inside hatband with rhinestone studded, tabbed ends: "Mr. John" b) Scarf of matching material with large square of lattice work crochet netting of red/orange in middle of scarf to provide veiled effect. Designer's label: "Mr. John"
Date: 1955?
Creator: Mr. John


Description: Hat of dark gray felt covered with black velvet. The cylindrical crown has a flattened top, and is encircled near top of crown by a turquoise grosgrain ribbon which crosses at back, with trailing ribbons. At front right of ribbon is applied rhinestone set triangular brooch with band of same ribbon. The narrow brim curls up at outer edge. The whole is overlaid with black plastic net. Hat is unlined, with inner black grosgrain ribbon hatband. Designer's label inside: "Mr. Rickie / Original" Stamped inside crown: "'Jewel' / Body made in Italy"
Date: 1965~
Creator: Mr. Rickie


Description: Turban style hat of pale pink velvet with braided pink velvet around edge. Two iridescent rhinestone and faceted jewel pins trim front. Lined in pink net. Two combs at sides for securing hat to wearer's head. Maker's label on inside back of hat: "An Original / Mr. Stanley / New York"
Date: 1950/1959
Creator: Mr. Stanley

Sailor Hat

Description: Hat in sailor style of red straw with wide flat brim trimmed with 3 big silk roses and small white and pink flowers. Flat crown trimmed with triangular pulls from straw. Red nose veil that ties in back with narrow red velvet ribbon. Hatpin with spherical pink head. Unlined with red grosgrain inner headband. Manufacturer's label: "Mrs. Eugene Gray Inc. / Columbus, Ohio Harbor Springs, Mich"
Date: 1965
Creator: Mrs. Eugene Gray, Inc.

Coat Dress

Description: Coat dress of black wool knit. Mid-calf length. Open, short collar with points trimmed with bullet-shaped silver metal accents; V-neckline. Long sleeves have seams sewn flat to form ridge along top of sleeve, with turned back cuffs forming "wings" trimmed with two shield-shaped metal studs. Slit up 6 inches from hem at center front seam. Center front zipper closure running from V of neckline almost to the top of the hem slit; two hooks & eyes at top of zipper. Applied panels of same material at sides with extending "flames". Back of bodice is gathered at waist with half-belt and black plastic buckle in stylized arrowhead shape. Unlined; shoulder pads. Label: "Thierry Mugler / Paris / Made in France" Size "42" tag at base of designer label. Evidence of removed label.
Date: 1990/1999
Creator: Mugler, Thierry