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White Number 19

Description: The painting, White #19, is entirely made out of text. It's a painting made with oil stick, and it was done by stenciling the text of a paragraph from an essay onto the canvas with oil paint, and the more you stencil, the darker and denser the painting becomes.
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Date: 1994~
Creator: Ligon, Glen


Description: Pumps of pink, yellow, orange, and white plaid synthetic fabric. The shoes have rounded toes and a 2" high square chunky heel. On top of each shoe, across instep/vamp, are two self fabric covered martial cords twisted together with gold ends. Designer label: "Lily Shoes / Walk with Comfort"
Date: 1975?
Creator: Lily Shoes


Description: Hat of natural-colored straw. Hat is composed of two parts. The inner circular pillbox-style crown is covered in navy blue shantung. Around the pillbox is the woven straw brim, which extends downwards in a bell-shape, and also extends upwards around the pillbox, forming four flaps that overlap the top of the crown. The opening at top of the crown formed by the flaps is bordered in red piping, and two of the flaps meet at top of crown and are tied with red and blue bows. The pillbox section of the crown is lined in yellow textured weave. Sewn into the lining along the edge of the crown is label: "LilyAn / Originals".
Date: 1955/1959
Creator: LilyAn


Description: Hat of purple satin. The hat is styled as a calotte (also spelled "calot") of purple satin with cluster of purple violets and an orchid of velvet. With a purple net veil. Lined in purple satin with a dark blue/purple grosgrain inner hatband. Accompanied by two short hatpins with matching purple velvet covered heads. Designer's label inside: "Lilyan / Originals"
Date: 1955~
Creator: Lilyan Originals

Proun 93

Description: The square painting has a yellow background with a large white circle and several black circles attached to some stick-like geometric lines and shapes. The concentric circles are nested inside each other off center so that the effect is almost of a spiral.
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Date: 1924
Creator: Lissitzky, El


Description: Two-part painting of white multi-level structure and below is a male figure with a white clown like painted face.
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Date: 1982/1983
Creator: Longo, Robert

The Alchemist's Wedding Band

Description: The small scale sculpture, according to the artist, represents an alchemical allegory of marriage. It is symmetrical with two bulbous shapes emerging from a third round piece which is balanced on a crescent shape. The work is topped with a funnel shape holding some shapes made of lead.
Date: 2006
Creator: Lopez, Ana Maria


Description: The piece includes sewn copper foil with torch-fired vitreous enamel in pattern of artist's right thumb print and is in the shape of a teapot. This view shows the detail of the artist's right thumbprint.
Date: 2009
Creator: Lopez, Ana Maria