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Flute Player

Description: Painting of a male figure playing a flute who is dressed in peach, pale-green and purple traditional middle-eastern garb against a brown, gold and blue background.
Date: 1934~
Creator: Rubin, Reuven

Color Form Synchromy

Description: Painting of red, yellow, white, green, blue and black abstract composition with primary emphasis is color. This work is inspired by Cubism which set out to reassert the importance of color in relationship to line in the creation of form.
Date: 1922~/1923~
Creator: Russell, Morgan

New Year's Card: Card Game

Description: The vertically oriented postcard depicts an aerial view of a woman in a kimono playing a card game. She is seated and her opponent is partially seen in silhouette. The ground of the card is a pale blue. There is some Japanese text in red in the upper right hand corner of the postcard. The woman's kimono includes the card suits, spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds.
Date: 1920/1930~
Creator: S. Riyo

New Year's Card: Dancing Couple

Description: A couple dances in this vertically oriented postcard. The woman is wearing a kimono and the man seen behind her is in black. The style of the rendering is reminiscent of Art Deco. Some Japanese text is in the lower right corner of the postcard. The ground of the card is a light blue.
Date: 1920/1930~
Creator: S. Riyo

New Year's Card: Going to Shimonoseki

Description: A man and woman are seen from behind while the man carries many packages. The woman walks in front of him and she wears a black and white striped stole, a red hat and a green coat with fur trim. There is some red Japanese text in the lower left corner of the postcard and in the upper left an inset with blue Japanese text.
Date: 1920/1930~
Creator: S. Riyo