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Evening Dress
Evening dress of black and white wool satin gaberdine with matching jacket. a) Evening dress. Front and back centered panels of white fabric with sides of black fabric. Sleeveless, squared neckline, full length. Center back zipper closure. Very tailored, completely lined in white silk. Designer's label at inside back zipper: "Jean Marie Armand / Paris / Made in France" b) Jacket. Center front opening with four covered snaps. Bracelet length sleeves with turned-back cuffs in white fabric with one pointed end. Peter Pan collar in white fabric. Front and back centered panels of white fabric with sides and sleeves of black fabric. Completely lined in white silk. Designer's label at inside back neckline: "Jean Marie Armand / Paris / Made in France"
Skirt Suit
Skirt suit of brown wool. A) Jacket, Lower-hip length, collarless, and with 3 button-and-loop closures at center-front. Long sleeves with slit and single button closure at wrists. Welt pockets at hips, and princess seams. Inner shoulder pads, and brown polyester lining. B) Matching short skirt, with 1” waistband. Button tab and side zip closure. Waistband is lined with grosgrain ribbon, and the skirt is lined in brown polyester. Designer's label: "Giorgio Armani / A Milano Borgonuovo 21"
Ensemble - Dress and Vest
Ensemble of acetate/silk blend printed with black, grey, and white with purple flowers. Consists of: A) Dress. Below knee length. Round neckline. Short sleeves with shoulder pads. Center back zipper. Diagonal darts at waist. Vents at either side seam hem. Unlined. Designer's label at inside center back neckline: "Giorgio Armani / Le Collezioni / Made in Italy" Size label next to designer's label: "44 / 10" B) Vest. Past hip length. Four iridescent gray buttons at front with barred buttonholes. Buttons hidden from view when fasted by front placket. Sleeveless. V-shaped neckline. Unlined. Care and content label at inside left seam with attached extra button. C) Belt. Front same fabric as garment. Back stiff facing. Rectangular buckle is covered in same fabric.
Men's Trench Coat
Men's trench coat of brown glazed/polished cotton with stand-up collar which fastens with two buttons. Concealed button-down front, vertical welt pockets. Saddle sleeves with two buttons and tab at cuff. Belt of self with narrow, rectangular buckle covered in leather. Back has seam down center, ending in slit with two buttons. Designer's label at center back neckline: "Giorgio Armani / Made in Italy" Worn by Valerian Stux-Rybar; donated by Jean-Francois Daigre
Before my Birth
A collage of abstract shapes.
Human Concretion
Sculpture of an abstract organic shape with a white smooth texture.
Leaves and Navels
No Description Available.
Mountain, Table, Anchors, Navel
No Description Available.
Double Sitting
Painting of brown and black with white hatch brush strokes over dark pigment.
Commemorative Postcard of the Mokugo Association Convention with Illustration of a Woman Raking
The postcard contains a depiction of a woman raking. The view is a three-quarters aerial view and the hues are muted.
Female Student in a Parody of the Wisteria Maiden
The vertically oriented postcard contains a depiction of a woman in a simple gown and cape, holding an umbrella, amongst some leafy vines. The ground of the card stock is tan, the woman's hat and cloak are black, and the vine is green as is the simple line indicating the woman's sandals.
Soldier in a Parody of Benkei
This vertically oriented postcard depicts a soldier shoveling. Weapons and tools are on his back and his facial expression is fierce and angry. The ground of the card is a tan with no background setting indicated.
Japanese Postcard
The postcard depicts three figures in the foreground who appear to be at odds with each other. In the background are two large snowmen like figures.
Hat of black straw. The hat is formed as a wide, shallow domed crown, overlaid with "fringe" sewn in a dense spiral from the top center rosette, creating tiers/layers. Brimless, the crown rests on the head, with black straw covered arched bands to help secure hat to wearer's head. Maker's label inside: "Lee Bury / Hats / of Dallas"
Hat of multi-colored straw. Based on a beret, the hat consists of a crown of finely woven straw in bands of dark blue, red, white, and dark blue. The crown is formed as a flattened sphere, surmounted by a small sphere of dark blue velvet. The hat is unlined, with an inner hatband of dark blue/black grosgrain ribbon around the inside base of the crown. Brand label sewn to inner hatband: "Lee Bury / Hats".
Hat of fine Milan off-white straw. Asymmetrical rolled-back brim is high in front and tapers to narrow back. Hatband of off-white organza scarf ties into bow in back as trim. Hatpin with clear, teardrop shaped head. Designer's label on inside hatband: "Atelier Lucas / Made in London"
New Year's Card: Modern Woman Arranging her Hair in Front of Mirror
A woman dressed in a kimono arranges her hair in front of a mirror. There is some Japanese text in the upper right corner of the postcard. The woman's kimono has a modern geometric design on it.
New Year's Card: Silhouetted Woman under Lanterns
A woman in modern dress and hat holds a mask and stands underneath three lanterns. A stark black silhouette is behind the woman. Her dress is yellow, orange, blue and light green stripes on the skirt and decorated with flowers at the waist.
New Year's Card: Woman Playing Golf
The front of the postcard is decorated with a woman in a modern striped dress, hat and scarf, swinging a golf club.
New Year's Card with Women in Au Courant Fashion with Cityscape
The vertically oriented postcard features two standing women in winter clothes in the foreground and in the background a cityscape is implied with a few short black lines. The year 1932 and a salutation in Japanese are in the upper right hand corner of the postcard.
Farmyard Fowls
Oil painting depicting several hens.
Black-Footed Ferret
A painting of a ferret and a nest of eggs.
Alphonsine Fournaise
Painting depicting Alphonsine Fournaise.
The Large Nude
Total view of painting depicting the large nude.
Study of a Female Torso in Dappled Sunlight
Painting depicting a female torso in dappled sunlight.
The Swing
Painting depicting people around a swing.
The Burghers of Calais
Total view of The Burghers of Calais with cloaked burgher at right. From the Nineteenth Century.
Male Torso
The carved sculpture depicts a standing male torso without the head, arms, or lower legs.
A Scene on the Ice
Painting of a large group of people on a frozen river. Some of the people are wearing ice skates and there is a horse-drawn sleigh in the foreground. Buildings are visible on the banks to either side and there are ships in the background.
Op art maxi dress. Full length multicolored printed silk. Top half from neckline to hips printed with horizontal black, red, yellow, and green stripes of varying thicknesses. Bottom half a repeating pattern of squares and circles in red, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black. A large black square is printed center lower half. Hem is black. Printing is the same front and back. Center back zipper. Shoulder and bust darts. Fully lined with black silk. Round neckline. Designer's label at inside back neckline; "Axel / of Denmark / 42" Care and Content label at inside back neckline; "Pure silk / By D'este / Made in / Italy" With accompanying belt of black Silk. Two inches wide. Two black silk covered round buttons on one end, two black thread button holes on other. Buttons are sewn with black thread.
Dress. Full-length sleeveless evening dress of printed silk. The bodice has a rounded neckline, bust darts, and widens slightly at hips. The silk print on the bodice is of horizontal stripes of black, yellow, green, and red. The skirt starts at a dropped waist, and is a slight "A" line in form. The printed on the skirt is of an Op Art pattern of pink, red, black, green, and purple squares and circles within squares, and with two large black squares, one on front and one on back. Black band at hem. The dress has a center back zipper closure and is lined in black silk. It has an accompanying black silk belt, 2" wide, with two domed buttons covered in black silk as closures. The dress has two labels sewn inside at back collar, to right of zipper. Maker's label: "Axel / of Denmark / 42" and second tag "Pure silk / by D'Este" [care instructions pictographs] and on reverse [care instructions pictographs] "Made in / Italy".
Three Stages of Womanhood and Death
No Description Available.
Self Portrait
No Description Available.
Standing Figure of Duke Alessandro de' Medici (1511-37), first Duke of Florence
Total from front center
Standing Figure of Giovanni della Bande Nere de' Medici (1498-1526), father of Duke Cosimo I
Total from front center
Standing Figure of Giovanni della Bande Nere de' Medici (1498-1526), father of Duke Cosimo I
bust-length detail from front right
Pope Leo X de' Medici (1475-1521), seated and blessing.
Total from front right
Pope Leo X de' Medici (1475-1521), seated and blessing.
Total in niche, from front center
Pope Leo X de' Medici (1475-1521), seated and blessing.
bust-length detail with tiara, from front right
Bust of Cosimo I de'Medici, above door to Opera del Duomo Museum, Florence
No Description Available.
Bust of Cosimo I de'Medici, above door to Opera del Duomo Museum, Florence
Front center
Adoration of the Shepherds
central detail
Adoration of the Shepherds
No Description Available.
A Boy with a Flute
No Description Available.
Fall: Grape Harvest, with Moses Receiving Tablets of the Law
No Description Available.
The Good Samaritan
No Description Available.
Summer: Shearing of Sheep, with Abraham and Isaac
left side detail
Jesus Casting the Merchants out of the Temple
No Description Available.
Jesus Casting the Merchants out of the Temple
merchants, Christ, sheep
A.E.G. Turbine Factory
South (main) façade with pediment