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A Pavane
The painting is long and horizontally oriented. Four people, three women and one man, dance and to one side is a landscape, sculpture, and building and on the opposite side are several seated musicians. The women wear full gowns in red, gold, and white while the man is dressed in striped tights.
Women from Brittany with Headdress
Women from Brittany with Headdress
det: Breton women
Westminster Roman Catholic Cathedral
A close view of the west facade portal is shown with its rich sculptural detail and imagery above the lintel.
Westminster Roman Catholic Cathedral
A close-up of the fenestration and stonework is shown in this view.
Westminster Roman Catholic Cathedral
The general view of the west facade of the cathedral is shown in its urban setting. The strong horizontal stripes are visible and striking against the enormous arched entrance.
Westminster Roman Catholic Cathedral
The interior of the nave with its painting in the dome behind the altar is visible in this view.
Westminster Roman Catholic Cathedral
A portion of the western facade and of the campanile is visible in this view.
Did You Speak to Me?
A young girl in white is seated on a stool turns to look away from the incomplete painting of her.
Saxoleine (print used as base for advertisement for lamp oil)
A woman wearing a yellow Victorian dress is turning on a pink-shaded lamp situated in the foreground.
Coast Near Antibes
Rocky shoreline and house are depicted in the painting with a distant horizon and boats in the foreground and middle ground.
Grape Harvest (Var)
Grape pickers and harvesters with buckets and barrels are depicted in this landscape painting with a mountainous horizon.
Mont Ste. Victoire
No Description Available.
The Grand Palais
SE Corner detail with sculpture
After the Bath
A woman leaving her bath seen from behind is depicted in this pastel drawing.
Evening Memory I
A painting of three people in a small boat.
Arearea (Joyfullness) II
No Description Available.
The Bathers
No Description Available.
Be Mysterious
No Description Available.
By the Sea
A painting of women bathing in the sea.
Fatata te Miti (By the Sea)
Oil painting depicting several people in the water.
Haystacks in Brittany
No Description Available.
Parau nate Narua ino (Word of the Devil)
Oil painting depicting a naked woman standing in a jungle and a clothed person kneeling in the background.
Girl in White
Oil painting depicting a woman wearing a white dress and yellow hat, standing in a field of flowers.
Oil painting of white roses in a vase, against a green background.
Poppies, Isles of Shoals
No Description Available.
Rainy Midnight
No Description Available.
Giant Magnolias on a Blue Velvet Cloth
No Description Available.
The color lithograph used for the April-September 1907 cover of the serial Simplicissimus.
Secession Building
Overall view from S of the Secession Building. From the Nineteenth Century.
Two-tiered capelet of midnight blue/black velvet and off-white lace. Capelet extends to about small of back, and has high, standing collar trimmed in dense ruff of tightly gathered of black chiffon. Around throat, along both sides of center front opening, around hem, and on edges and hem of the wide tier (7" at center front, 8" over shoulders) is wide band of off-white floral and scroll lace, placed as an applique along edges. Lined in brown fabric. Designer's label at center back neckline: "Mme. Josse / 3 / Boulevard des Italiens / Paris"
det: nude woman giving blood from her breasts
Hayricks at Dusk
The painting depicts a number of green haystacks with a blue and yellow sky, green grass in the foreground, and the sun in the center of the canvas.
No Description Available.
Woman with Umbrella at the Beach
No Description Available.
Woman with Umbrella at the Beach
woman in pink, holding hat
Untitled (Sprinter)
No Description Available.
Breakfast at the Cafe
The painting depicts at the far left of the composition a man entering the cafe while a young boy stands on a chair and cleans the window. The painting is mounted on a larger piece of paper creating a wide border.
On a Journey to Beautiful Countryside
The painting depicts a group of merry people, a sleeping child, a man and a woman with binoculars, a man sharing his reading material, a woman gazing out of the window, on a train. The costumes, hats, and furniture are fanciful and colorful.
Portrait of a Woman
Portrait of a woman, visible from the shoulders up. Her hair is pinned up and she is facing toward her right.
Rouen Cathedral
No Description Available.
Rouen Cathedral, West Facade, Sunlight
No Description Available.
The Seine at Giverny
No Description Available.
The Island of Raguenez Brittany
No Description Available.
The Artist's Daughter with a Parakeet
No Description Available.
Girl Carrying a Basket
In this three-quarters length portrait of a young girl wearing a loose pale blue hat and a pink blouse, she rests her arms on a basket. The pastel strokes are loose and long. The girl's pose is with her back to the left side of the picture and turns her head over her right shoulder.
The Golden Legend of Master Wilham Caxton done anew
The title page designed by William Morris for the Kelmscott publication entitled The Golden Legend of Master Wilham Caxton done anew.
A woodcut print depicting a crowd of men and women.
The Artist's Sister