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Caricature of Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

Description: The illustration depicts a man breaking a chain over an anvil with a mallet. Underneath is the caption, "Le Vieux briseur de fers."
Date: February 1879
Creator: Gill, André

Purifying Pot of Jacobins

Description: The painting depicts a man straining the bourgeois from a pot of Jacobins.
Date: 1793
Creator: Henriquez, Benoît Louis

Characters of the French Revolution

Description: The horizontal composition includes detailed paintings of various people during the time of the French Revolution with captions.
Date: unknown
Creator: Lesueur Brothers

Divorce: The Reconciliation.

Description: Two couples and a child are exhibiting emotion with a judge seated between them.
Date: unknown
Creator: Lesueur Brothers

The Royal Arms Jubilant

Description: Queen Victoria, a lion picking his teeth, a unicorn, coat of arms, champagne, flags, meat on a platter, seascape, boats in the distance are all pictured in this satirical cartoon from the weekly magazine, St. Stephen's Review.
Date: 1887
Creator: Mecham, William

Nautilus Passengers

Description: The black and white engraving depicts men looking at the great creatures under the sea.
Date: unknown
Creator: Neuville, Alphonse de & Hildibrand, Henri Theophile

Freedom of Press

Description: The colored etching depicts a group of people in front of many presses.
Date: 1797