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Et in Arcadia Ego
A painting depicting idealized shepherds from classical antiquity, clustering around a tomb.
Habitat '67
The raking view of a portion of the exterior facade is seen behind some landscaping and a water feature.
Abstract Emotions 10
The born digital photograph consists of a textured red color in the bottom two-thirds of the image and the upper portion is mostly purple with many spots of various colors.
Supper at Nymphenburg Park
The close detail of this painting shows the table with the men dining and their waiter. The loose brushwork is visible in this detail.
Winslow House
The interior dining room, chandelier, painted frieze on wall and the curved seating in front of the windows are shown.
Bottle, curved handle and nozzle.
It is a bottle which is made up of ceramics.It comes under the art of pottery and is used for the decoration purpose.Bottle is of golden color and it is narrow from upper side and wider from downside.It has a curved handle which is used to hold the bottle and a nozzle to pour out liquid from the bottle which is in the shape of a small pipe.It's surface is somewhat glittery and there is a open mouth at the top of it to pour something in it.
Fortified Caravanserai on the East / West Trade Route in Cappadocia, Turkey
One of the mihrab's, prayer niche, inside a recessed space is decorated with surface geometric patterns.
The Gardens at Versailles
keywords: park, furnishings, Overall view along main axis of park w. sculpture
Head of Eros
The young male head has curly hair. The marble is marked with brown spots. The view is frontal.
King Amenhotep II with Double Crown
A sculpture of the bust of King Amenhotep II with a double crown.
Tray from Cahuilla
Shallow coiled tray with snake emblem encircling one-third of the inner part of the tray.