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Secession Building
Overall view from S of the Secession Building. From the Nineteenth Century.
Cowboys Roping a Bear
This detail of the painting shows the roped bear at the center of the action in the painting.
Landscape from the Bretagne
A painting of the landscape from the Bretagne.
Woman on a Divan
Painting depicting a woman on a divan.
Cowboys Roping a Bear
The painting depicts a group of cowboys twirling their lassos in an attempt to capture a bear. Two or more cowboys have already lassoed the bear that is in the center of the horizontally oriented picture. The two cowboys in the foreground are depicted in regular tones while the cowboys in the background are pale in comparison.
A Lady and a Harp
The vertically oriented painting depicts a seated woman wearing a long green skirt and a black jacket gazing to her left at a harp and music stand.
Vétheuil, view of Lavacourt
Painting depicting Vétheuil, view of Lavacourt.
Sailboats at Argenteuil
Painting depicting sailboats at Argenteuil.
Study of a Female Torso in Dappled Sunlight
Painting depicting a female torso in dappled sunlight.
Willy Brandt (Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm) Haus, SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) Headquarters
The view is of the front, prow-like, entrance to the building.
Alphonsine Fournaise
Painting depicting Alphonsine Fournaise.
The Swing
Painting depicting people around a swing.
Luxe, Calme et Volupté
Total view of painting depicting Luxe, Calme et Volupté.
Accumulation of Cans
Total view from front of accumulation of cans. From the Contemporary Period.
Interior with Etruscan Vase
Painting depicting interior with Etruscan vase.
Woman at Her Toilet
No Description Available.
Supper at Nymphenburg Park
The close detail of this painting shows the table with the men dining and their waiter. The loose brushwork is visible in this detail.
Boys Bathing
This detail of the painting shows one of the boys in the water, some plants at the edge of the water and boys on sideline.
Supper at Nymphenburg Park
The painting depicts a group of men at a dining table on the landing of a large set of stairs to a large building. A waiter stands at their side. The brushstrokes are long and loose.
Boys Bathing
The painting depicts boys in a small body of water as well as boys on the sideline. The brushstrokes are loose and light in tone.
The Large Nude
Total view of painting depicting the large nude.
The Villas at Bordighere
No Description Available.
Girl with a Pendulum
Painting depicting a girl with a pendulum.
Portrait of Christian Rohlfs
Painting depicting a portrait of Christian Rohlfs from the Moderne Period.
Abbey Church of Ottobeuren
The view is straight up into the cupolas and shows the paintings with their relief texture encircling the frescoes. The arrangement of the subject matter in the paintings enhances the cupola shape. The subject matter appears to be scenes from the the life of St. Benedict, the Pentecost, and redemption.
Self Portrait
Painting depicting a self portrait of Angelika Kauffmann
This painting detail shows the girl on the horse.
The painting depicts a girl in white dress brandishing a sword on a horse riding through a number of fallen people. Broken and barren trees and black birds round out the composition.
A. E. G. Turbine Factory
The view of the exterior detail of a steel structural hinge is visible from the sidewalk.
Young Peasants Feeding a Fire
In this painting detail, the peasants are shown and the pattern of points of color are clearly visible in this detail.
A. E. G. Turbine Factory
The detail view shows the southeast corner with rounded stone edges and legs of the steel hinged arch.
A. E. G. Turbine Factory
The exterior view shows a portion of the main entrance and a raking view of the long side exterior wall. The view is from the southeast and shows the steel hinged arches showing through the surface.
A. E. G. Turbine Factory
The view is a close detail of the surface treatment of the stonework.
A. E. G. Turbine Factory
The view is from the sidewalk and shows clearly the steel arched frame pieces.
This close detail of the painting shows some of the fallen figures, landscape, a bird and the horse's two front hooves. The flat rendering of the shapes is visible.
Palace of the Popes in Avignon
Total view of painting depicting Palace of the Popes in Avignon.
The Picnic
Painting depicting a picnic.
The Burghers of Calais
Total view of The Burghers of Calais with cloaked burgher at right. From the Nineteenth Century.
Glass, Violin, and Sheet of Music
Painting depicting the geometric forms and brushwork of artwork Glass, Violin, and Sheet of Music.
Glass, Violin, and Sheet of Music
Painting depicting glass, violin, and sheet of music.
Mande Kora
This many-stringed instrument has a rounded body and a non-tapering neck.
Dish (Coppa)
The dish is decorated with blue, grayish black, greens, yellow, orange, white, with gold and ruby luster. A haloed figure of a woman wearing blue holds an infant, presumably the Virgin Mary and Jesus.
Pandharpuri Tambura
The long-necked instrument has four pegs and four strings. The gourd body is decorated with polychrome figures and animals. The entire outer edge of the instrument is decorated with a geometric design.
The three-stringed instrument has a small bulbous body highly decorated with patterns.
Double Virginal
The harpsichord is decorated on the upper panel with a large urban scene with people. The instrument also contains two keyboards.
Fipple Flute
The polychrome clay flute is decorated with a sculpted head at the end.
Square Piano
The rosewood piano rests on highly carved and embellished legs.
Broadway Checker
An old man sitting on a bench is viewed through a car window.
Skee Ball, Self-Portrait (Coney Island)
The artwork shows the back view of a solitary male figure playing a carnival game.
The Triumph of Venus
Painting depicting the triumph of Venus.