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View of the old man and clock in painting entitled Sabbath.
View of the figures, table, and lamp of painting entitled Sabbath.
Painting entitled Sabbath.
Virgin and Child with Saint Anne
The unpainted wooden sculpture depicts two seated women with a child between them. The woman on the right holds an open book in her lap. Both women wear heavily draped clothing and the child reaches for something that looks like grapes.
Portraits of the Four Tetrarchs
1 sculpture : porphyry ; 135 cm high.
Sculpture from the Renaissance Period.
Santo Spirito
Overall view of entrance façade, E flank and dome of Santo Spirito. From the Italian Renaissance Period.
Haboku, Splashed Ink Landscape
The vertical paper includes a depiction of a landscape in loose ink washes. The paper is laid on a patterned cloth backing.
Haboku, Splashed Ink Landscape
This detail view of the ink wash painting shows the landscape created with loose ink washes.
The instrument has a long neck attached to a rounded hollow body. The backside and the neck are highly patterned.
The instrument looks like a crocodile with a highly decorated surface reminiscent of the scaly hide of a reptile with a painted face and jaw.
O-daiko (Barrel Drum)
A finely decorated rooster sits atop the drum which rests on a pillow and a stand. The stand is also intricately decorated with imagery, foliage, flowers, water, patterns, and serpents.
The rattle's body has a bird-like face carved in low relief on one side.
The two instruments, an organ and a virginal, are built into a single cabinet.
The body of the rattle has a carved face in low relief.
Double Bell from Cameroon
No Description Available.
The body of the instrument is an elongated pear shape with decoration in a continuous pattern of hexagons across the entire front of the body. Inside each hexagon is an animal, a person, a tree or a flower.
The baryton has many strings and is devoid of extra ornamentation or decoration.
The handle of the bell consists of a monkey wearing a hat standing in a regal pose. Animals and foliage decorate the body of the bell.
A Kneeling Apostle
On a blue paper background, a kneeling man wearing heavy draped garments turns his head and points with one finger.
Milo of Cortona Devoured by a Lion
Total front center of the sculpture of Milo of Cortona Devoured by a Lion, from the Baroque Period.
The Forum in Rome
Painting depicting the Forum in Rome.
The Forum in Rome
Central detail with Colosseum of painting depicting the Forum in Rome.
Chiswick House
View of the principal façade of the Chiswick House, built in the Palladian Period.
A Goldsmith in His Shop, Possibly Saint Eligius
The goldsmith's head and shoulders are seen in this detail along with the shelving next to him. Glass containers and other elaborate tools are also on the shelf.
No Description Available.
Arched Harp
The harp has a base and a long spindle rising at an angle from the base. The strings are stretched from leather covering the base to the spindle.
A Goldsmith in His Shop, Possibly Saint Eligius
This detail features the goldsmith's face.
The instrument, made of wood and metal, is Persian.
A Goldsmith in His Shop, Possibly Saint Eligius
A close view of the table's edge with text, the ribbon corset, the scale are visible in this very close detail of the painting.
A Goldsmith in His Shop, Possibly Saint Eligius
A man and woman stand behind a man who is seated at a wooden table and holds a scale. The interior setting is rife with accoutrement. The attire of the woman is rich in decoration and her headpiece is elaborate. The shelves hold containers and other miscellaneous items. A heavy green drapery hangs behind the seated man.
A Goldsmith in His Shop, Possibly Saint Eligius
The close view of the goldsmith's shelf is shown in this painting detail.
Dakota Frame Drum
The drum is made of wood and small spikes secure the hide to the round frame. The drumstick has a stuffed leather head.
Music Carpet
The carpet is composed of gold and blue colors. At either end are women holding musical instruments.
Slit Gong
The vertical sculpted gong has a head like top and a visible slit down the length of the piece. Some paint highlights the face and head.
The Polyptych of St. Vincent Ferrer
Painting depicting St. Sebastian.
The Polyptych of St. Vincent Ferrer
Painting depicting St. Vincent Ferrer.
The Polyptych of St. Vincent Ferrer
Painting depicting dead Christ supported by angels.
The Polyptych of St. Vincent Ferrer
Painting depicting The Polyptych of St. Vincent Ferrer, with St. Christopher, St. Sebastian, the Annunciation, Dead Christ Supported by Angels and predella with scenes from life of St. Vincent Ferrer. Venice, Ss. Giovanni e Paolo.
The Polyptych of St. Vincent Ferrer
Painting depicting predella with St. Vincent preaching.
The Polyptych of St. Vincent Ferrer
Painting depicting St. Christopher.
Reclining Nude
Painting depicting a reclining nude.
Reclining Nude
Painting depicting nude figure on couch.
Death of Ellenai
The detail of the painting shown is a close view of the soldier kissing the woman's foot.
The portrait is of a man wearing a suit of armor, holding a very small stringed instrument and wearing around his neck a portrait. In the distance is a woman holding or playing a lyre.
Death of Ellenai
The vertically oriented painting depicts a man kissing the feet of a supine woman in a barn. Next to the woman hangs a row of animal hides.
The Poisoned Well
The woman's face is the subject of this painting detail.
The man's face and the woman in the distance are shown in this painting detail.
Bastakiya Quarter, Municipal Building
The view shows the courtyard area and the covered arcade gallery with rich ornamentation and arabesque screens and multi-lobed arches.
Bastakiya Quarter, Municipal Building
The view is of a street in the old Bastakiya neighborhood of Dubai. The view is from the southeast and shows the massive adobe covered walls with rectangular window openings and the wind towers.