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Golestān Palace
A close detail of the facade is visible. The patterned decoration of the ceramic tiles is intricate and consists of foliage and flowers. The lower portion of the facade is decorated with stone flowers in relief. The windows are arched.
Golestān Palace
A close detail of a facade is visible with its intricate patterned decoration. A lamp post in the courtyard is visible with some potted plants. Portions of the triple arches of the colonnade are visible.
Bust of Christoph Willibald von Gluck
The bust of a man with a ruffled shirt is depicted in this monochromatic bust.
66 Old Church Street
The detail view of the exterior facade is shown.
Christian Roman Dress
The illustration depicts twelve people in Christian Roman dress. The caption beneath is in German and lists the people by role, such as gravedigger, soldier, women, children and men.
Curtain Design for Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's Ballet Sheherezade
The painting depicts a body of water with boats, landscape and people on a building top looking down on two leopards and an entourage of people on horseback.
Asante Helmet
The helmet consists of alternating silver and gold leaf decorative strips moving from the front to the back. There is a gold rim around the front edge. All of the metalwork is decorated with repoussé technique.
The Secret Insult or Bribery and Corruption Rejected
This color engraving depicts royals and officials with commentary about money and the throne.
The composition consists of geometric shapes on a beige ground. While most of the edges are sharp, the white shapes have feathered brushstroke edges. The colors are black, brown, yellow, green, blue, orange, red and white on the tan ground.
It is a vase which is made up of ceramics.It comes in the art of pottery which is used for the decorative purpose.the design of the vase is that it is divided into two parts first part is the bottom one which is supporting the whole vase it is of yellow color mainly and in the middle of it has a shape and carving making it look like a teeth.Above to it is a wide circle which is going upwards and moulded towards outside from the top.There are various kinds of colors used in it green,blue pink etc and various design are made using it including flowers and leaves.
The accordion is upright with bellows partially expanded and keys visible.
Cake dish
It is a plate which is made up of ceramics.It comes in the art of pottery which is used for the decorative purpose.The plate used is of green color and it's surface is shiny and glittery. There is a design on the plate having a flower with pink,yellow and green and a petal with is dettached to it on one corner of the plate.
Manizha Entertains Bizhan
A portion of Firdawsi's Shahnama is in the upper portion of the painting with people in and out of doors, entertaining and talking in the main body of the painting.
A nineteenth-century rosewood accordion is visible in upright position with keys showing and bellows partially expanded.
A Set of Goldfish
The colorful woodcut print depicts goldfish fearing for their lives from the cat in the upper portion of the work.
How To Hold a Calligraphy Brush
The outline of a hand is depicted holding a calligraphy brush. To the right is Chinese text.
Male Torso
The carved sculpture depicts a standing male torso without the head, arms, or lower legs.
Atahualpa, Fourteenth Inca, One of Fourteen Portraits of Inca Kings
The portrait is inside a roundel with the text, "el tirano Bastardo, Atahualpa," encircling the portrait. The man holds a staff with a sun burst at the end and wears a highly decorated cape.
Vancouver Library Square
The view is outward from between the main library building and the curved outer freestanding elliptical wall. The west plaza is shown.
Vancouver Library Square
The southern view through the colonnade of the outer wall looks north.
Vancouver Library Square
The view upward shows the glass ceiling bridging the two portions of the library complex.
Vancouver Library Square
The main entry to the library at the left is shown with a portion of the curved outer wall at right.
Vancouver Library Square
The ground floor view of the exterior includes the stairs and some background context of other buildings.
Autumn in Bruges
A body of water is crossed with a bridge and buildings in the background are reflected in the water. Small brushstrokes of many colors are juxtaposed in an impressionistic manner.
The seascape includes several boats on the water with industry and buildings at the water's edge. The painting style is loose with pencil lines demarcating edges.
Motherly Love
A woman holds a young female child on her lap and another young female child to the side holds a doll. The setting is an interior domestic scene and next to the seated woman is a knitting basket.
Characters of the French Revolution
The horizontal composition includes detailed paintings of various people during the time of the French Revolution with captions.
Queen Victoria (1819-1901) Doll Dressed in Her Coronation Robes
The doll is wearing coronation clothing including crown.
At the Cafe
A man and woman are seated at a bright red booth in a cafe.
The landscape painting, in loose pale blue, pink, and orange washes, depicts water and a mountain.
Illustration for the story entitled The Nose written by Nikolai Gogol
A man in the foreground leans on a bar face against the wall while a man seen in profile behind him is holding his nose with a handkerchief.
Aristide Sommati
The portrait is drawn in charcoal on paper. The lines are expressive and bold. A faint drawing is also visible from the opposite side of the paper.
Fiddle (sarangi) and bow
The fiddle and bow are made of unpainted carved Tun wood.
Musical Glasses (Armonica)
The musical instrument resembles a piece of furniture with an opening in which the glass is housed.
The accordion is partially expanded and the keys are visible.
The harpsichord's sides and top are of a highly figured red and the edges are delineated with wide dark edges.
My Second Sermon
A young girl asleep in a church pew, wearing a red cape, hands in a fur muff, and feet dangling is depicted in this painting.
Caravel pendant
This caravel pendant is made of metal and gems. It resembles a ship with sail. The base of the caravel consists of a transparent emerald of deep green colour. The sail and cross are also made of emeralds. There is a chain attached to the pendant leading to the cross with metal rods attached on all four sides. Sail is white in color with circular motifs. At the back of the ship there is a vertical strip with curvilinear patterns of swirls.
Jewelry from the Tiffany Catalog
Many pieces of jewelry are depicted on the catalog two-page spread.
Beijing National Stadium
The close detail of the building shows the entrance on the west side and some signage in Chinese and English.
Beijing National Stadium
Stadium seating underneath the overhang is shown in this view.
Beijing National Stadium
Interior stairs and massive structural beams are shown in this view of the Olympic stadium.
Beijing National Stadium
This view shows the seating in bright red color and the cantilevered deck above.
Beijing National Stadium
This view shows the detail of the structural beams that form the bird's nest look of the building.
Beijing National Stadium
An interior view shows the massive steel structural beams.
The Fish, Olympic Marina Village
The large fish shape is shown in this view between the two housing towers. The headless fish shape is copper color and seen in profile.
Buffet with Pewter Coffee Service
The view is of the pewter coffee service set on the wooden buffet table.
Banco Calvet Bench Seat and Calvet Mirror
The view shows the bench and mirror against the wall in an open area with patterned tile on the floor.
Olympic Marina Village
A pyramid, a sphere and a square block rest on the rooftop of one of the buildings in the Olympic village. The view is a detail of the rooftop sculptures. The sphere appears to balance just on the edge of the roof.
Forum Building and Plaza
The view is of an apex of the triangular shaped building. Pillars underneath creating an open public space are also visible.