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Description: Pair of woman's pumps of bright tan / golden / honey colored leather. Designed with pointed toes, the shoes have horizontal black stitching following the shape of the shoes over all of the surfaces, creating a striped effect. 4 1/2" spike heel covered with the same leather. Designer's label of tooled copper leather inset in insole: "Rupert Sanderson / London" Impressed in sole: "38"; "Rupert Sanderson"; "Vero Cuoio" and "Made in Italy"
Date: 2009
Creator: Sanderson, Rupert


Description: Hat of brown-red cotton blend with 2 rosettes of dark cream fabric accented with purple ribbon and fringe of blue and green felt on each side. Hat has a close fitting cap-like shape with 2 triangular wing-like extensions extending up from each side. Within the hat is a thin, elastic cord which goes around the back of the head to hold the hat in place.
Date: 1930/1939


Description: Pumps of ombre violet leather fading from light purple on the heel toward darker purple on the pointed toe. Pyramid 4" heel of shaded purple/violet striped felt with braided black cord between sections.
Date: 2009
Creator: Hübener, Fanziska


Description: Pair of woman's high-heeled sandals of multi-colored metallic leathers. Designed with rounded, open toes, the shoes have a vamp of an open-work figure 8 created by dark and light blue and violet braided leather bands. Bands of same leather extend from sides of vamp along sides of sandal to heel. Openwork heel formed of same braided leathers in inverted teardrop or petal shapes radiating from heel, and with upper band arching over the heel. Insole of metallic blue leather with inlaid teardrop shape of violet leather. 4" high heel rounded at sides and back tapers to ground and is covered with iridescent blue/great material. Designer's label stamped in silver on insole: "Fanziska Hübener" Stamped into sole: "Hübener, Fanziska"; a circle with inscription "Vero Cuoio / Hand Made Brazil"; sizes: "BR / 35"; "EUR / 37" and "USA / 6" Size sticker on sole: "36"
Date: 2009
Creator: Hübener, Fanziska

Mini Dress

Description: Mini dress of bright red wool jersey knit. The tubular mini dress has a rounded neckline and short sleeves. Black, shiny vinyl trim at neckline, sleeve hem, lower hem, and in the form of six Pierre Cardin bullseye trademarks arranged in a triangle from natural waist to lower hem. At center back are hook and eye and zipper closure. Dress is unlined. Designer's label: "Pierre Cardin / Paris New York" Care label: "The vinyl trim / on this garment / has been specially treated / to make dry cleaning possible".
Date: 1965
Creator: Cardin, Pierre


Description: Off-white crinoline with spring steel hoops. Covered in fabric with white on white woven design of "H" shapes. Metal fastener at front of 1" wide waist band. First four rows of springs only go half-way around skirt and are tied around the body in front. Last five rows form complete circle or hoop. No labels in garment. Attached tag with what appears to be an auction lot number, "253".
Date: 1860

Platform Pumps

Description: Pair of platform pumps of orange/brown suede. The toebox, and entire upper of the shoes are of orange/brown suede, with a tongue attached at each side to the rest of the toebox by a band of elastic. The toebox rests on a thick platform covered with the same suede. The thick, chunky heel is also covered with the same suede. Stamped in gold inside shoe: "Back Street"
Date: 1970~

Bowling Shoes

Description: Shoes of red, white, and blue leather. The shoes are designed as flats, with rounded toes. Toebox and tongue of red leather, the sides are of blue leather, and the heel and uppers are edged in wide bands of white. The shoes lace up the instep, with five holes. Believed to be bowling shoes.
Date: unknown


Description: Hatlet of brown velvet. The open-crown hat is formed of a hollow square with down-turned sides and corners, covered in brown velvet and edged in tiny pearls. "Flying" around the hat are 8 golden stamped metal hummingbirds. One wing of each bird is hinged, allowing movement of the birds as the wearer moves their head. Over all is a brown net veil "capturing" the hummingbirds, with scattered gathers of 4 pearls. The underside is edged in brown grosgrain ribbon, and has two small plastic combs attached to secure hatlet to wearer's head. Sewn onto the inner ribbon is maker's label: "Bes-Ben / Made in Chicago". Also sewn onto inner ribbon is hand-written label "917".
Date: 1960~
Creator: Green-Field, Benjamin B.


Description: Petti-hoop of steel hoops within a white cotton petticoat. A modified form of cage crinoline consisting of three graduated steel hoops that open with snaps that fit within horizontal pockets of the full-length petticoat. Petticoat has gathered waist and eyelet lace at hem. Maker's label sewn in: "Petti-hoop / Created by / Ru-Nell / Pat Pend #494517" Size label, "10". The Ru-Nell Manufacturing Co. was founded by Fred Poole in 1935 in Yorkville, Georgia, USA. The company was named after his wife Ruby, and his oldest daughter Nell. Originally producing chenille bedspreads, they began to manufacturing "Petti-hoops" after their daughter Dorothy was unable to find a petticoat/hoop set to wear for a Southern Bell Ball in the 1950's. Ruby Poole designed the first one, and it became so popular that they went into production. Later they were produced as wedding gown underpinnings.
Date: 1955/1965
Creator: Ru-Nell Manufacturing Co. (Yorkville, Georgia)


Description: Hat of tan felt. Trimmed with net and brown and tan ostrich feathers held by braid and knotted ends of same felt. Short brim at front folds up in back. Inner headband of brown grosgrain ribbon. Hatpin with matching grosgrain head. Unlined.
Date: 1948

Infant's Jacket

Description: Infant's jacket or capelet of cream wool. Open on the sides with pink ribbon ties at neck and underarms. Trimmed around the edges with blanket stitch embroidery. Front flaps decorated with french knots and daisy stitch flowers.
Date: 1927~

Infant's Jacket

Description: Infant's jacket of cream colored wool twill. One piece construction. Edges trimmed with ivory blanket stitch embroidery. Open on sides. Closed with ivory ribbons at neck and under arms.
Date: 1927~
Creator: Cornelius, Kate D. & Jeter, Linna

Child's Slip

Description: Infant's slip of cream wool. Sleeveless with snap opening at shoulders. Trimmed with ivory blanket stitch embroidery around neckline, arm openings and around scalloped hemline.
Date: 1927~
Creator: Cornelius, Kate D.

Infant's Slip

Description: Slip for an infant of white cotton. Sleeveless. White work embroidery at neck and hem. Narrow lace edging at neck and armholes with wider lace edging at hemline. Two button closure at center back neckline.
Date: 1927~
Creator: Cornelius, Kate D.

Platform Sandals

Description: Pair of platform sandals of navy blue suede and leather. The shoes have a thick platform and 3 3/4" high chunky heel covered with dark blue suede, with yellow embroidered butterflies along the outer side of the heels. Rounded toes, with two wide interwoven dark blue leather straps across instep, and extending from sides of heels upward, behind heel, and across front of ankle to secure with small gold buckles. Stamped underneath: "Made in Greece"
Date: 197u

American Flag Shoes

Description: "American Flag Shoes". The pair of shoes is of white leather and red and blue suede. Styled in a way reminiscent of bowling shoes, the white leather shoes have rounded toes, and red suede overlays at toe box, upwards in a strip from toebox to vamp, and around lower part of heel. Blue suede overlay stripes at side have star-shaped cut-outs to allow white leather to show through. Blue suede edging at top of upper and top of heel. Shoes lace-up at front, 5 holes per side. White shoe laces. Shoes are "flats", with 3/4" high heels. Brand stamped on inside: "Flings" Illegible stamp inside.
Date: 197u

Sling-Back Platform Pumps

Description: Pair of sling-back platform pumps covered with a dark blue fabric printed with yellow circles and small dark blue or white polka dots. Shoes have thick platform sole and rounded toe. Open-toe style, with slight pleating across the vamp. Sling-back, with strap from sides across back of heel, fastening with small fabric covered buckle. 3 3/4" high chunky heel tapering slightly to base. Maker's label stamped inside: "Enosis / Made in Greece"
Date: 197u
Creator: Enosis

Rain Boots

Description: Pair of rain boots of brown suede and fur. Designed with rounded toes, the shoes extend above ankle and zip up from vamp to upper edge. End of zipper is concealed behind edging of brown beaver(?) fur which secures with a snap at outside edge. High arch, low heel. Designed to fit over shoes with medium height Cuban-style heels. Stamped on sole: "Glove / Originals" and "5"
Date: 194u
Creator: Glove Originals