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Coffee Maker

Description: The view of the glass coffee maker is from an angle showing the lid. The two screws holding the wooden handle are also visible in this view.
Date: 1941
Creator: Schlumbohm, Peter

Acid Pitcher

Description: The pitcher has a wide spout, a large curved handle and is glazed white.
Date: 1945/1949~
Creator: Coors Porcelain Company


Description: The poster includes a large Nazi eagle with a swastika on its back with wings burning and hurling toward the ground. Across the bottom edge is the word, victoire.
Date: 1945
Creator: Baudouin, P.
Item Type: Poster

Beech Trunks

Description: Tree trunks begin at the front left edge of the composition and move at an angle to the right side. The trunks in the foreground are blue and the ones in the background are white. A small leafless sapling is also in the foreground.
Date: 1945
Creator: Spilliaert, Leon
Item Type: Artwork

Tate Modern Gallery

Description: The power station, now a contemporary art gallery, view is of the west side with its main entrance and ramp.
Date: 1947/1953
Creator: Scott, Giles Gilbert
Location Info:

Black Fish

Description: A still life of two fish and other foods on a table.
Date: 1942
Creator: Braque, Georges
Item Type: Artwork

Billiard Table

Description: A still life painting of a billiard table.
Date: 1944-1952
Creator: Braque, Georges
Item Type: Artwork