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Woman Reading

Description: A woman seated in a chair holds a book, reading. Light from behind highlights the woman's light hair and her dress. The background is purple, blue, green, and yellow.
Date: 1921
Creator: Kamir, Leon

Light and Shadow

Description: A red triangle, three brown and black circles and a sharp spear shape dominate the center of the composition. The background of the painting, upper left and lower right corners, are bright yellow.
Date: 1922
Creator: Red'ko, Klyment Nikolaevich


Description: The composition consists of geometric shapes on a beige ground. While most of the edges are sharp, the white shapes have feathered brushstroke edges. The colors are black, brown, yellow, green, blue, orange, red and white on the tan ground.
Date: 1921
Creator: Popova, Lyubov'

Yellow Leaves

Description: The vertically oriented painting depicts two large yellow leaves which fill the canvas.
Date: 1928
Creator: O'Keeffe, Georgia


Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1923
Creator: Kurt Schwitters

Artists of 'Die Brcke'

Description: Painting depicting Artists of 'Die Brcke:' Heckel, Kirchner, Schmidt-Rottluff (left to right) and Otto Mller.
Date: 1925/1926
Creator: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Portrait of a Rabbi

Description: Painting depicting a portrait of a Rabbi.
Date: 1923/1926
Creator: Marc Chagall

Heavy Red

Description: Painting entitled Heavy Red.
Date: 1924
Creator: Wassily Kandinsky

White Line

Description: Painting entitled White Line.
Date: 1920
Creator: Wassily Kandinsky

Acute Calm Pink

Description: Painting entitled Acute Calm Pink.
Date: 1924
Creator: Wassily Kandinsky


Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1923
Creator: Kurt Schwitters

Conversation at Arcachon

Description: Three people appear to be engaged in a conversation while in the background a body of water and sailboats can be seen. The predominant colors are pink and orange in the foreground while black and blue in the background.
Date: 1926
Creator: Bonnard, Pierre

Woman on a Divan

Description: Painting depicting a woman on a divan.
Date: 1922
Creator: Henri Matisse


Description: A white figurative sculpture situated in front of a wisteria covered house is the main focus of this artwork. The main colors of the work are pinks and purples and done in an impressionistic fashion.
Date: 1922~
Creator: Lévy-Dhurmer, Lucien

Proun 93

Description: The square painting has a yellow background with a large white circle and several black circles attached to some stick-like geometric lines and shapes. The concentric circles are nested inside each other off center so that the effect is almost of a spiral.
Date: 1924
Creator: Lissitzky, El