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View of Stonehenge, in England showing the sarsen circle and trilithons, from the north-northwest.
Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia with Tholos
A close view of the tholos in the sanctuary shows the intricate details of the frieze, entablature and columns.
Caricature of Assembly of Notables, February 22, 1787
The colored etching depicts a group of chickens, ducks, and other fowl listening to the monkey dressed as a maitre d'.
Geese, Anti-Clerical Caricature
Six clergy are seen in profile behind the silhouettes of nine geese.
La Marquise de Montesson, La Marquise de Crest and la Comtesse de Damas Drinking Tea
Three French ladies of the eighteenth-century are depicted drinking tea.
Lovers in a Cafe
The interior of a cafe, two tables are shown and at the far the man appears to be giving a serious talk to the young woman. Her chin rests in her hand and she is dressed in black. The man reaches across the table to hold onto the woman's hand.
A large group of soldiers with swords drawn charge into battle. The drawing is done in black on red with some pink highlights.
Wanting to Tweeze the Nape of the Neck: Air Bladders of Fish from the Sunomata RIver in Tôtômi Province
A woman looks into a hand mirror as her hand rests on the nape of her neck. Two cats frolic on the floor beneath her and beyond is a scene of three people with large baskets on the beach. Japanese text is contained in several insets along the right hand side of the print.
Wanting to Wear This: Hida Province
A woman in a brown flowered and blue and black striped kimono leans forward while holding folded fabric. Behind her is a scene of men with a fishing net between two boats in the water. Japanese text is included in small insets in the composition of the print.
Wanting to Hit the Mark: Oysters from Aki Province
A woman wearing a kimono holds a fan. Behind her is a scene of men working. In the upper right corner of the print is some Japanese text.
Oh, That's Cold: Lamprey from Suwa in Shinano Province
A woman seated with her hands to her mouth looks out at a landscape with four men working. Her kimono is patterned with flowers and leaves. In the upper right of the piece is some Japanese text.
Iga Province
A woman in a heavy striped cloak and a blue scarf looks over her left shoulder. Behind her is a landscape with several people toting parcels and bundles. In the background there is a cityscape silhouette and two people at the left edge of the print. Japanese text is in the insets in the upper right portion of the print.
Wanting to Decide Right Away: Octopus from Takasago in Harima Province
A woman in a kimono sits next to a cat and reads. In a scene behind the woman, people work in and around the sea. Insets include some Japanese text.
Sagami Province
A woman wearing a kimono looks at herself with the aid of two mirrors. Behind her is a scene of men fishing. Insets in the print contain Japanese text.
Desiring the Favor of an Answer; Mino Province
A woman is prominent in the foreground. She wears a red patterned kimono and a white loose head scarf. Insets with Japanese text are on both sides of the artwork. Behind her is a seascape and landscape with two men.
Beijing National Stadium
A close detail of the flooring shows the fractal design pattern.
Beijing National Stadium
Seating, rooftop and field are visible in this view of the Olympic stadium.
Susie Cooper Earthenware Ceramics, Gravy Boat, Plate, Creamer, Cup and Saucer
The decorated ceramic objects are seen in profile view. The decoration is light in color, yellows and light greens in linear leaf and flower designs.
Beijing National Stadium
The interior view of the stadium shows seating, roof and some people in the space.
The bowl is decorated with three animals and three trees in blue, red, green and yellow. On the rim is the name Peter and a thin blue line and red dots encircle the rim.
Beijing National Stadium
A very close view of the flooring is shown with drainage system visible.
Beijing National Indoor Stadium
The view of the stadium is of the entire eastern elevation at some distance.
Susie Cooper Earthenware Ceramics, Sugar Bowl, Tea Pot, Cup and Saucer
The ceramics pieces have a white background with green feathery shapes floating across the surface. The bases of the sugar bowl and the teapot are yellow as is the inside of the cup.
Susie Cooper Earthenware Ceramics, Bowl, Pitcher, Plate and Cup
The view is of a bowl, pitcher, plate and large cup. The design consists of red, yellow, blue and black in sharply delineated lines encircling the pieces.
Woodlawn Gardens
The exterior view of the apartment building shows the Modernist simplicity of design of the red brick building with small vertical and horizontal windows.
Glance Down an Alley
The back of a man wearing a turban is seen walking down an alley with a large archway facing the man.
Portrait of Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837) on the Neva Embankment
The portrait of the man shows him in a hat and a large overcoat to the hips. He fills the foreground of the picture but other people milling about are seen in the background.
All Human Forms (The End of the Song of Jerusalem)
A man with a halo emanating from his head and a woman embrace in the center of this composition with the text above.
Angel and Devil
A woman showing a toy to a young seated child is the focus of this painting.
The Golden Legend of Master Wilham Caxton done anew
The title page designed by William Morris for the Kelmscott publication entitled The Golden Legend of Master Wilham Caxton done anew.
Portrait of Vladimir Samoylov as Hamlet
The painting depicts a portrait of a young man dressed in armor and a shirt with puffy, red sleeves with white insets. His hands are on his hips and he wears a wide sash tied in a bow around his waist. His hair is parted and short and he sports a mustache.
Lordly Elevation
A short in stature royal stands on his crown and looks into the mirror.
Portrait of Joan Salvat-Papasseit (1894-1924)
The portrait consists of large, flat planes of varying values juxtaposed to create the shape of the head. Individualistic facials details have been excluded and the planes of the face blend with the planes of the surrounding space.
Portable radio
The white radio is sleek in design.
The Parisian
The main portion of the composition consists of a frontal portrait of a woman wearing a pastel dress with a transparent hem as she holds a large, opened umbrella. Her hair is cropped short and she's wearing a small hat.
Tragic Mask on the Tomb of Giuliano de Medici
The marble tragic mask detail is at the edge of the tomb and a portion of another figure is visible above the mask. The marble is unpainted.
Organ in Church of St. Andreas, Linz, Austria
The organ is located in the Church of St. Andreas in Linz, Austria. The panels, when open, reveal painted decoration of Biblical scenes.
Interior of a School in Cairo
The interior of a school is depicted. The architecture is complex in its patterned surfaces and lighting patterns. Some children have rapt attention to the teacher and one is dosing and two appear to be sneaking out of the classroom.
Reconstruction of the Queen's Lyre
The reconstructed lyre includes inlay designs on the sound board as well as a bull's head.
This is a footed metal cup made of quartz, enamel and gilded silver. Base of the cup is made of metal with round design frames. Frames have human figures drawn inside them. The top part of the cup has a border with same design motif. There are gems embedded on the top border that are black in color. The encircled human figures are surrounded by white beads. There are rombus embedded red stones on the belt as well. There is red enamel in the middle part of the metal cup. There are circular discs on this red enameled part.
Shoulder Clasp From the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial
This is an anglo saxon jewelry. Made with gold, garnet and millefiore glass this Shoulder Clasp From the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial is oval in shape. There is gold, red and blue colors on the clasp. There are repeated patterns on the art piece. This clasp can be compiled together with a pin that is attached with a chain. There is visible mesh work designs on the front followed by abstract organic shapes. Inside of the gold clasp is mostly plain other than some visible textures. Pin holding up the two identical clasps has a big textured part attached to the chain.
Head of a Woman
The drawing depicts the frontal view of a woman. The face is more complete and embellished with color while the rest of the drawing consists of only a few expressive lines.
The Giantest Snowball
The painting depicts a group of five boys rolling a large snowball. More boys can be seen playing in the background. The palette consists of muted tones in grays and browns. Snow is on the ground and city buildings are in the background.
The Union Club
A raucous party is taking place in this engraving.
The Flower Sellers
Two women in ruffled gowns are at the center of the action next to a donkey carrying the flower seller's baskets. General merrymaking takes place behind and beside the women. A couple at the right side of the painting are seated and appear to be chatting.
The People's Budget
A group of people in the background carry protest placards while a disheveled couple in the foreground make a comment about taxes.
Young Girl in the Fields
A stream runs through a landscape with a young woman standing on the bank. The foliage is green and rich and the sky cloudy. Some cows graze in the background. The girl wears a long, blue dress.
The Plum Pudding in Danger
The artwork depicts two men in royal garb cutting a globe into thirds as though it were food.
The Violinist
A young violinist is the main focus of the painting.
Water Jar (Olla)
The wide mouth, earthenware water jar is decorated with black patterns on the cream colored body.