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The carved ivory oliphant features depictions of mammals and birds along the length of the musical instrument.
The instrument appears squat as the neck and body run together. There are many strings and pegs on both the side and the front of the instrument.
The back of the body's bowl is highly decorated with inlay in geometric patterns as well as a nude female figure and foliage.
A Maid Asleep
The painting depicts an interior scene with a woman apparently asleep at the table on which sits a bowl of fruit and a lidded container. There is also a patterned table cloth, a chair and in the distance the interior scene is continued.
Achilles Discovered Among the Women
A figure wearing a red dress wields a sword among a group of people some of whom are on the floor rummaging through trinkets and jewels.
Achilles Discovered Among the Women
A close view of the woman wearing white and two figures behind her is featured in this detail view.
Painting depicting wheatfields.
Achilles Discovered Among the Women
In the painting detail, a close view of the figure wearing red is shown.
Achilles Discovered Among the Women
The center portion of the painting and the main focus of the action is shown in this detail. The figure raises the sword and women rummage through the trinkets and jewels.
Christ and the Samaritan Woman
Painting depicting Christ and the samaritan woman.
Youthful Self-Portrait
The painting of a man looking over his right shoulder is dark and mostly in tones of brown. The man's hair is long and he wears a fur collared coat.
The Four Rivers Fountain
Overall view of the Four Rivers Fountain from S. Originated in Piazza Navona, from the Baroque Period.
Head of a Youth
Painting depicting the head of a youth.
The Holy Family with Elizabeth and St. John Adoring Child
Painting depicting the Holy Family with Elizabeth and St. John Adoring Child.
Minerva at Her Toilet
Painting depicting Minerva at her toilet.
View of Haarlem, Seen from the Dunes near Overveen
Painting depicting a view of Haarlem, seen from the Dunes near Overveen.
Tomb of Pope Alexander VII Chigi
Full view of Tomb from front center. Originated in Rome, St. Peter's; from the Baroque Period.
Tomb of Pope Alexander VII Chigi
Detail: upper part of Pope Alexander VII. Originated in Rome, St. Peter's; from the Baroque Period.
Tomb of Pope Alexander VII Chigi
Detail of Truth, frontal view. Originated in Rome, St. Peter's; from the Baroque Period.
Tomb of Pope Alexander VII Chigi
Total from the front of Tomb of Pope Alexander VII Chigi. Originated in Rome, St. Peter's; from the Baroque Period.
Abraham Sacrificing Isaac
The horizontally oriented painting depicts a man in a red robe with a knife threatening a seated figure while a winged angelic figure reaches for the man with the knife.
Abraham Sacrificing Isaac
The painting detail shows the central portion with the action of the figures.
Fortification Around Taj Mahal Complex
The fortification includes a watch tower and arcade.
Pulpit, Basilica of Bom Jesus
The pulpit detail shows the intricate carving with its gold leaf and pale pink paint.
St. Francis Xavier Adoring the Cross, Basilica of Bom Jesus
This carved sculpture depicts St. Francis Xavier as he adores the cross in his raised right hand. The sculpture is painted in several colors with richly carved details.
Ciborium, Chapel of Holy Sacrament, Basilica of Bom Jesus
The ciborium includes elaborately turned and decorated columns and finials with a richly carved surface. Atop the ciborium is a large crucifix.
Pulpit, Basilica of Bom Jesus
The base of the pulpit is decorated with figures and foliage and covered in gold leaf and pink paint.
Portrait of a Young Lady
Painting of a portrait of a young lady.
Portrait of Malle Babbe
Painting depicting a portrait of Malle Babbe.
Portrait of Malle Babbe
Bust view of painting of Malle Babbe.
Royal Apartments: The Queen's Circular Music Room in the Pitti Palace
The interior with its patterned walls and floors is visible. A green desk and chair are the predominate features in this view.
Freedom of Press
The colored etching depicts a group of people in front of many presses.
Bay of Cannes
Horizontal bands depict the beach, the water, land, and sky. The brushstrokes are loose and impressionistic. The colors are pale.
Rug with the 'N' of Napoleon I
The rug features a large N in the center of a circle of bees and laurel.
Schoolboys in the Playground
A group of schoolboys in line and facing the same direction in a courtyard are accompanied by one elderly man.
A skeleton stands at a lectern reading a large book, a vase of flowers and an apple are also on the stand. At the feet of the skeleton is an overturned hour glass.
My Mother, Evening with a View of Ys
Landscape with hills and water is depicted in a vertical composition with silhouette of city skyline in the distance. The pastel artwork is built of layers of yellows, pinks, blues and light greens in an impressionistic style.
Card Game
The painting depicts five women and one man seated around a game. One woman's head is dropping, a chair is falling over and another woman is drinking. The tones are muted and the background is a simple architectural setting.
North American Indians
Two men and a woman wearing traditional Native American clothing are depicted in this group portrait.
Bust of a Man Leaning on His Elbow
The sculpture depicts an adult man resting his head on his right hand with his elbow resting on his left hand. The bust has a grainy texture, a brown natural color, and is not painted.
Drum, Dong Son Style
The drum head is decorated with a concentric patterned design.
The poster includes a large Nazi eagle with a swastika on its back with wings burning and hurling toward the ground. Across the bottom edge is the word, victoire.
The round sculptural relief depicts a person with her index finger to her lips.
Circus Horse
A white horse's head is in the foreground of the picture. More horses in stalls can be seen in the background. The brushwork is loose.
Beach in Moonlight, Seascape with Light
The landscape, sky and water are vaguely suggested in this mostly monochromatic drawing.
Young Woman with a Veena
The subject of the painting is a woman playing a musical instrument. She is seated on the floor with her legs crossed. She wears loose white pants and a decorated blouse with a patterned stole.
Children Chasing a Rat
The painting depicts a group of children on a street with one boy chasing a rat with a broom.
Notre Dame, Paris
The painting depicts a bridge over the River Seine and the view from behind of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
Richard, Brother of the Artist
The subject faces away from the picture plane yet captures a profile of the man's face. He wears a dark coat and is seated.
Woman in a Poppy Field
The painting depicts a woman with a basket in a field of small reddish flowers and in the distance a hilly landscape is depicted in pale hues of purple. In the middle ground, the hues are green.