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Anderton Court Shops
This view shows a close detail of the fascia decoration consisting of chevron shapes.
Anderton Court Shops
The close detail of a column shows the sculptural chevron shape and how the column attaches at the ceiling.
Anderton Court Shops
This view shows a passageway with a circular window and a doorway to an upper floor. The concrete surface is a cream color.
Lillian Disney Memorial Fountain
A large blue and white speckled blooming flower shape sits on the ground in a garden setting.
Lillian Disney Memorial Fountain
The sculptural flower is blue and white speckled and sits in front of highly polished panels of a building.
Lillian Disney Memorial Fountain
A close view of the fountain shows its petals filled with water. The shards of Delft china are visible in this close view.
Lillian Disney Memorial Fountain
The close view of the sculpture shows the individual pieces of Delft china shards as well as the inscription, "A rose for Lilly. Frank Gehry's tribute to Lillian Disney. A gift of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren."
Burj al Arab Hotel
The distant view if of the southwest fa├žade from the Arabian Gulf. The hotel was built on triangular man-made island 280 meters off shore.
Burj al Arab Hotel
View of the southeast facade is shown.
Burj al Arab Hotel
Panels of screen wall in their horizontal positions are visible in this raking view skyward.
Burj al Arab Hotel
This interior view is skyward and shows the many floors with scalloped balconies and the massive gold leafed columns.
Burj al Arab Hotel
The interior of the restaurant is viewed along the length. The scalloped design in the ceiling is visible.
Cirque at Gavarnie
The almost square composition depicts a dramatic and sublime, circular mountainous landscape with a waterfall.
Bust of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
No Description Available.
Claude Debussy in Rome
In the portrait, the man faces the left side of the artwork. The pastel strokes are large and loose creating the planes of his face. He wears a dark suit and has some sparse facial hair.
Chelsea Tower
The view is of the northwest edge and two sides in a raking skyward direction.
Chelsea Tower
The view is of the tower apex. The diagonally placed spines connect to form a square aperture with a needle shape suspended from the meeting point.
Chelsea Tower
The view is of the elevated walkway connecting the garage to the ninth story of the hotel. The view is skyward from the ground.
Chelsea Tower
The view is a close one of the support legs of the pedestrian sky bridge.
Chelsea Tower
The view is of the interior of the pedestrian sky bridge in the direction towards the hotel.
Chelsea Tower
The view is of the interior of the sky bridge as it links with the hotel swimming pool entrance.
Chelsea Tower
The view is of the canopy over the main entrance and a bit of raking facade as viewed skyward.
Chelsea Tower
The view is of the structural detail of the canopy over the front entrance.
Chelsea Tower
The view is of an interior elevator hallway. The shape of the hall space is elliptical and the floor is covered in a patterned design. The space is well-lit and covered with wood, lights, and glass.
Chelsea Tower
The view is of a residential suite with its seating furniture and dining area.
Chelsea Tower
The interior view shows the kitchen with some appliances. The window over the sink looks onto another skyscraper.
Music Stand and Mantel Clock Once Belonging to Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
The music stand and mantel clock once belonged to Beethoven and are of simple and utilitarian design.
Clavichord, Once Owned by Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
No Description Available.
Cameo Bearing the Portrait of Charles I of Spain
The cameo bearing the profile of Charles I of Spain with a beard and a soft hat depicts the monarch as an elderly man.
Children Blowing Bubbles
No Description Available.
Harpsichord Belonged to Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
No Description Available.
Harpsichord Belonged to Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
No Description Available.
The Red Boat
In the painting is depicted a red boat tossed on a violent sea and an orange sun or moon sets low against the turquoise sky.
The Beautiful Greek, Marie Pauline Bonaparte, Princess Borghese
The portrait of the lady depicted is in an oval frame. She wears a red dress with her left hand to her breast holding a blue robe. Some colorful jewels are around her upper right arm.
A woman wearing a pink robe is reflected in the mirror on a wardrobe. Next to her is seated a seamstress hand-stitching a garment. The room appears to be a bedroom or dressing room. The carpet is patterned and next to the women part of a bed can be seen.
Woman with a Cat
A woman wearing green sits at a round table on which sits a white cat. The walls are red behind the woman and the tablecloth is yellow.
Caricature of Assembly of Notables, February 22, 1787
The colored etching depicts a group of chickens, ducks, and other fowl listening to the monkey dressed as a maitre d'.
Geese, Anti-Clerical Caricature
Six clergy are seen in profile behind the silhouettes of nine geese.
La Marquise de Montesson, La Marquise de Crest and la Comtesse de Damas Drinking Tea
Three French ladies of the eighteenth-century are depicted drinking tea.
The poster includes a large Nazi eagle with a swastika on its back with wings burning and hurling toward the ground. Across the bottom edge is the word, victoire.
Drum, Dong Son Style
The drum head is decorated with a concentric patterned design.
Harpsichord Used by Mozart in Prague
No Description Available.
Caricature of Louis XVI (1754-1793) Playing Chess with a Soldier of National Guard
A group of aristocrats, nobility and a soldier mingle around a game of chess.
Bust of a Man Leaning on His Elbow
The sculpture depicts an adult man resting his head on his right hand with his elbow resting on his left hand. The bust has a grainy texture, a brown natural color, and is not painted.
Basket of Eggs
A wicker basket with a red ribbon tied to the handle holds three eggs and a small white feather nestled on top of a piece of white fabric. The basket rests on a brick surface.
Card Game
The painting depicts five women and one man seated around a game. One woman's head is dropping, a chair is falling over and another woman is drinking. The tones are muted and the background is a simple architectural setting.
Figure of Harlequin from the Seraphin Theatre
The polychrome carved wood statue is of a harlequin in blackface.
Triumphal Arrival in Rotterdam of Prince Maurice of Orange-Nassau After the Battle of Nieuwpoort in 1600
A triumphal man on a white horse is led by a trio of men in red. Many people are on foot and many more cheer from windows and appear to be extremely happy.
In the Souk
A woman in a pink Victorian dress is seated with an umbrella on her lap as a man behind a counter wearing a red fez shows her some pink flowered and fringed fabric.
Lovers in a Cafe
The interior of a cafe, two tables are shown and at the far the man appears to be giving a serious talk to the young woman. Her chin rests in her hand and she is dressed in black. The man reaches across the table to hold onto the woman's hand.