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Bay of Cannes

Description: Horizontal bands depict the beach, the water, land, and sky. The brushstrokes are loose and impressionistic. The colors are pale.
Date: 1930/1933
Creator: Bonnard, Pierre
Item Type: Artwork

Schoolboys in the Playground

Description: A group of schoolboys in line and facing the same direction in a courtyard are accompanied by one elderly man.
Date: unknown
Creator: Monnier, Henri Bonaventure
Item Type: Artwork


Description: A skeleton stands at a lectern reading a large book, a vase of flowers and an apple are also on the stand. At the feet of the skeleton is an overturned hour glass.
Date: 1543
Creator: Holbein, Hans, the younger
Item Type: Artwork

My Mother, Evening with a View of Ys

Description: Landscape with hills and water is depicted in a vertical composition with silhouette of city skyline in the distance. The pastel artwork is built of layers of yellows, pinks, blues and light greens in an impressionistic style.
Date: unknown
Creator: Lévy-Dhurmer, Lucien
Item Type: Artwork

Card Game

Description: The painting depicts five women and one man seated around a game. One woman's head is dropping, a chair is falling over and another woman is drinking. The tones are muted and the background is a simple architectural setting.
Date: 1830~
Creator: Monnier, Henri Bonaventure
Item Type: Artwork

North American Indians

Description: Two men and a woman wearing traditional Native American clothing are depicted in this group portrait.
Date: 1832~
Creator: Catlin, George
Item Type: Artwork

Bust of a Man Leaning on His Elbow

Description: The sculpture depicts an adult man resting his head on his right hand with his elbow resting on his left hand. The bust has a grainy texture, a brown natural color, and is not painted.
Date: 1467
Creator: Lerch, Nicolas


Description: The poster includes a large Nazi eagle with a swastika on its back with wings burning and hurling toward the ground. Across the bottom edge is the word, victoire.
Date: 1945
Creator: Baudouin, P.
Item Type: Poster


Description: The round sculptural relief depicts a person with her index finger to her lips.
Date: 1848
Creator: Préault, Antoine-Augustin

Circus Horse

Description: A white horse's head is in the foreground of the picture. More horses in stalls can be seen in the background. The brushwork is loose.
Date: 1934/1946
Creator: Bonnard, Pierre
Item Type: Artwork

Young Woman with a Veena

Description: The subject of the painting is a woman playing a musical instrument. She is seated on the floor with her legs crossed. She wears loose white pants and a decorated blouse with a patterned stole.
Date: unknown
Creator: Varma, Ravi
Item Type: Artwork

Children Chasing a Rat

Description: The painting depicts a group of children on a street with one boy chasing a rat with a broom.
Date: unknown
Creator: Dargelas, André-Henri
Item Type: Artwork

Notre Dame, Paris

Description: The painting depicts a bridge over the River Seine and the view from behind of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
Date: 1884
Creator: Benoist, Félix
Item Type: Artwork

Richard, Brother of the Artist

Description: The subject faces away from the picture plane yet captures a profile of the man's face. He wears a dark coat and is seated.
Date: 1860
Creator: Menzel, Adolph
Item Type: Artwork

Woman in a Poppy Field

Description: The painting depicts a woman with a basket in a field of small reddish flowers and in the distance a hilly landscape is depicted in pale hues of purple. In the middle ground, the hues are green.
Date: unknown
Creator: Giran-Max, Léon Maxime
Item Type: Artwork


Description: Five detailed depictions of armor stand in front of two or three more partially visible figures. The work is monochromatic on a brown ground.
Date: 1866
Creator: Menzel, Adolph
Item Type: Artwork

In the Souk

Description: A woman in a pink Victorian dress is seated with an umbrella on her lap as a man behind a counter wearing a red fez shows her some pink flowered and fringed fabric.
Date: 1891
Creator: Stifter, Moritz
Item Type: Artwork

At the Fair

Description: The painting depicts an outdoor carnival or festival with booths, sun shielded with awnings, selling items while in the background a tent is visible. Children play and men and women walk around the fair grounds. Large trees complete the background.
Date: 1877
Creator: Lassalle, Camille-Léopold
Item Type: Artwork

Drum, Dong Son Style

Description: The drum's cylindrical middle flares to the bottom and the top curves outward like a shallow bowl shape. There are some handle shapes at the lower edge of the top section. The entirety is decorated with shallow geometric patterning.
Date: -1000/-0001~