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Description: The instrument has a long neck attached to a rounded hollow body. The backside and the neck are highly patterned.
Date: unknown


Description: The instrument looks like a crocodile with a highly decorated surface reminiscent of the scaly hide of a reptile with a painted face and jaw.
Date: 1875/1899~

O-daiko (Barrel Drum)

Description: A finely decorated rooster sits atop the drum which rests on a pillow and a stand. The stand is also intricately decorated with imagery, foliage, flowers, water, patterns, and serpents.
Date: 1873~
Creator: Kodenji Hayashi


Description: The rattle's body has a bird-like face carved in low relief on one side.
Date: 1880~


Description: The two instruments, an organ and a virginal, are built into a single cabinet.
Date: 1598
Creator: Laurentium Hauslaib


Description: The body of the instrument is an elongated pear shape with decoration in a continuous pattern of hexagons across the entire front of the body. Inside each hexagon is an animal, a person, a tree or a flower.
Date: 1475/1525~


Description: The baryton has many strings and is devoid of extra ornamentation or decoration.
Date: 1700/1799~


Description: The handle of the bell consists of a monkey wearing a hat standing in a regal pose. Animals and foliage decorate the body of the bell.
Date: unknown

A Kneeling Apostle

Description: On a blue paper background, a kneeling man wearing heavy draped garments turns his head and points with one finger.
Date: 1508
Creator: Dürer, Albrecht
Item Type: Artwork

The Forum in Rome

Description: Central detail with Colosseum of painting depicting the Forum in Rome.
Date: unknown
Creator: Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellee)
Item Type: Artwork

Chiswick House

Description: View of the principal façade of the Chiswick House, built in the Palladian Period.
Date: 1724/1729
Creator: Richard Boyle


Description: No Description Available.
Date: unknown
Creator: James Couper and Son & Dresser, Christopher

Arched Harp

Description: The harp has a base and a long spindle rising at an angle from the base. The strings are stretched from leather covering the base to the spindle.
Date: 1800/1899~

A Goldsmith in His Shop, Possibly Saint Eligius

Description: A man and woman stand behind a man who is seated at a wooden table and holds a scale. The interior setting is rife with accoutrement. The attire of the woman is rich in decoration and her headpiece is elaborate. The shelves hold containers and other miscellaneous items. A heavy green drapery hangs behind the seated man.
Date: 1449
Creator: Christus, Petrus
Item Type: Artwork

Dakota Frame Drum

Description: The drum is made of wood and small spikes secure the hide to the round frame. The drumstick has a stuffed leather head.
Date: unknown