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Girl with a Blue Scarf
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Bronx Floors
Piece of found flooring turned into an art work by means of its presentation and declaration.
Persian Jacket
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Homage to Marilyn Monroe
In the foreground of the painting is a partial, profile view of Marilyn Monroe in a semi-reclining position with a street and rows of buildings behind her.
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Near abstract painting of a older male figure wearing glasses.
Two Sisters
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Portrait of a Woman
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Head of the Monserrat II
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Abstract Composition
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Rotary Motion
This abstract painting has a blue background with abstract shapes in yellow, red, light blue, green, pink, and brown.
Painting of medium blue polymer paint on square canvas. Reflective gradated hue throughout surface.
Forms in Space
No Description Available.
Jeanette IV, three-quarters view
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Flute Player
Painting of a male figure playing a flute who is dressed in peach, pale-green and purple traditional middle-eastern garb against a brown, gold and blue background.
Flowers by the Sea
Painting of light and darker hues of green, blue and brown. Bouquet of assorted flowers in a clear glass vase on a table. Large window featuring greenery shrubs by the sea.
Sounds in a Summer Night
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Rope Piece
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Sweet Cathy's Song
Painting of multi-colored mixed media which includes collage children's drawings of people, trees and landscape throughout.
Color Form Synchromy
Painting of red, yellow, white, green, blue and black abstract composition with primary emphasis is color. This work is inspired by Cubism which set out to reassert the importance of color in relationship to line in the creation of form.
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Man Reading
Bronze statue depicting a man reading.
The King
Painting of dark brown, light brown and gold oil on canvas. Various gestural near abstract forms throughout.
Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Nicola Sacco
Painting of black, peach, white and red color schema. Two male figures both dressed in black suits sit side by side handcuffed to one another.
Kilkenny Circle
This floor piece consists of 195 stones arranged in a cirle.
Illustration of black, red, pink, yellow, white, blue watercolor, gouache and synthetic polymer paint on fabric. Two figures adjacent to one another in center of composition. A eye, bicycle pedal and teddy bear are also depicted.
Battle of Lights
Painting of multi-colored loose brushstrokes depicting various building structures.
Attacked by Birds
The frontal view of a face is painted in hues of brown and tan with touches of red.
Port of Hamburg
No Description Available.
La Marseillaise
Painting of orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink gestural figure turned 3/4ths view with thick black outline.
Man with a Melon
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Little Spanish Prison
This oil painting has twelve vertical stripes in alternating hues of yellow and grey with one red horizontal stripe crossing three horizontal stripes on the upper left area of the painting.
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Le Gros
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Synchromy in Blue
The abstract painting includes hues of blue, red, yellow, green, white, and black.
Two Models in the Studio
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Sand Mines of Tetelpa
No Description Available.
Painting of green, red, brown and gray featuring a male and female figure inside a wood barrel. The letters "Piruli" in the background.
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Yellow Circle
This is an abstract painting with a yellow circle, a square partially superimposed over the circle in colors of black, purple and green, and two red intersecting lines with white on a tan background.
Watching the Clock
Near abstract painting of muted red, gold, brown and blue-gray. Various linear shapes throughout piece.
This painting portrays a tree with a fence in the foreground in hues of brown and green.
No Description Available.
Channel at Gravelines, Evening
Oil painting of several sailboats on the water; buildings are visible in the background
Free Ride
No Description Available.
Little Girl at the Piano
Painting of green, blue, orange, gray and black near-abstract rendering of a seated female figure.