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Description: Pair of heeled pumps of 2-tone beige leather. Designed with slightly pointed toes squared at ends, the main body of the upper is of light beige polished leather, with thin band of holes punched along upper edge. Toebox of darker beige leather with punched hole band and "pinked" edge at join, and a design of punched holes across top. Heel area of same darker beige leather, with same band of holes and "pinking" edge at join. Heel tapers to base. Designer's label inside: "Selby" Stamped inside: "Leather upper man made / trims, other parts / man made materials / [D in a circle] 9 D/B 42673C 23" Stamped on sole: "Made in U.S.A." Measurements: L: 25 cm. W: 8 cm. H: 12 cm. Heel: 6 cm, 2.5 inches
Date: 1960
Creator: Selby Shoe Co.


Description: Hat of natural straw. The conical hat has a rounded top, and a "waist" part way down where the curve of the hat changes. The entire hat is overlaid with bands of colored raffia (blue; white; yellow; orange; dark blue; purple; and green) extending from the top of the crown to the brim. From the top of the hat extends a tassel/streamers of the same strands of raffia. Unlined, with white inner hatband, and a white string attached to help secure hat to wearer's head. Label attached to back of crown: "Made in Japan" Written on inner headband in blue marker: "77 [illeg]"
Date: 1965~


Description: Hat of very pale green felt and beading. The hat is styled as a calotte (also spelled "calot"), with slightly shaped crown embellished with scattered transparent gray beads, pearl beads, and rhinestones. Unlined. Inner hatband of black grosgrain ribbon. Label sewn to inner hatband: "Henrys / Dallas Henrys has been identified alternately as maker or retailer.
Date: 1955~
Creator: Henry's (Dallas, Texas)


Description: Hat of sequins and beading. The hat is styled as a calotte (also spelled "calot") with shaped crown covered in iridescent sequins of light blues, with a large flower-head on either side embellished with pale blue and white sequins, gray bead, and pearls. The petals of the flowers extend below edge of crown. Overlaid with pale blue light mesh veil. Lined in lace. Designer's label inside: "A / Frances & Walter Nelkin / Hat", with a red sequin sewn in each upper corner of label.
Date: 1955~
Creator: Frances & Walter Nelkin

Calotte Hat

Description: Calotte style hat of black satin. Bow of black satin as trim. Net at back of hat. Hatpin with head covered in matching satin. Lined. Comb at inside front of hat for securing hat to wearer's head. Retailer's label: "A. Harris & Co. / Dallas" Union/size label to right of retailer's label.
Date: 1953


Description: Hat of white feathers. The domed crown fits close to the head, and is totally overlaid with long white feathers radiating down from the crown, creating a "blond wig" effect. At top of crown is an attached thin white string/piping bow. Hat lined in off-white fabric.
Date: unknown


Description: Handbag of glass beads of boldly colored shades of green, yellow, red, blue, pink and black in a somewhat stylized floral design. Bronze frame cast with floral forms and openwork, and set with navy blue and green cabochons. Roses on frame have remains of applied coloration. Suspension chain in rope form with spaced clusters of green and blue beads. Bag has looped and twisted fringe at bottom composed of green and black faceted beads. Pink satin lining, mostly deteriorated. Ball and socket filigree closure.
Date: 1920/1929

Picture Hat

Description: Picture hat of natural straw. The domed crown is encircled at base by a wide band of cream grosgrain ribbon with bow at right side. Around the crown, but not on the bow, the ribbon is edged at top with black. The wide circular brim curves upwards from base of crown, then curves down to edge. Unlined. Inner cream grosgrain ribbon hatband. Label sewn to inner hatband: "Florence ... / Dallas"
Date: 1960/1969
Creator: Florence


Description: Hat of navy felt. Somewhat like a cloche in style, the had has a low, rounded crown, with narrow turned-up brim at front. At right side are two fans or "conch shaped" decorations of navy grosgrain ribbon. The hat is overlaid at front with a navy veil. Inner navy grosgrain ribbon hatband. Accompanied by a plain black-headed hatpin. Designer's label sewn to inner hatband: "Hazel Eller - Custom Made"
Date: 1955~
Creator: Eller, Hazel


Description: Women's flat shoes with brown leather sole, patent leather cream insole with designer's marks. Cotton blended fabric covers the whole foot up to the cinched ankle where there are two small straps of the same fabric to tie behind heel with a vertical seam down center and a slightly pointed toe. The fabric has a printed pattern of colored squares in aqua, blue, purple and periwinkle, with scattered printed signatures by the designer, "Emilio". Designer's marks on each sole: "Creation / Albion / Florence / Made Expressly / For E. Pucci"
Date: 1960/1969
Creator: Pucci, Emilio


Description: Picture hat of dark pink/red Milan straw with wide brim. Pillbox crown trimmed with red and white polka dot organdy hatband which forms a bow on the right. Straw brim folds under and is lined in same polka dot organdy as hatband. Two hatpins with cloth covered heads in matching polka dot material. Designer's label on inside hatband: "Sally Victor / 18 East 53rd St."
Date: 1965
Creator: Victor, Sally

Dress - Kutchi Group, Pashtun Peoples, Afghanistan.

Description: Kutchi Dress of the Pashtun Peoples, Afghanistan. Full-length. Bodice of various fabrics and embellishments. Rounded neckline with slight standing/band collar of primarily yellow bead-work with blue bead squares containing red bead centers. "Collar" below neckline of pendant silver-colored coins. Shoulder areas of purple with primarily yellow stitching forming scroll-work. Front "bib" of dark red outlined with same bead-work as neckline, and sewn with 9 horizontal rows of green tear-drop shaped beads and a line of silver-colored coins. Center part of bodice of black fabric with all-over red reflective circles. Wide "waist" of dress with geometric bead-work band of white, green, red, blue, and orange, with band of small circular mirrors and two lower borders of fringe tipped with white and green beads, and lowest border of coins. Sleeves of dark green velvet with bands of rickrack of silver and gold, and stitching matching the shoulder areas. Edged with bead-work and with row of silver-colored coins. Skirt is full-length, and full, and is of dark blue/black fabric printed with white and grey pattern of small flower blossoms, paisley shapes, dots, leaves, etc. Hem of dress with wide embroidered band, upper section with horizontal band of squares of various colors (reddish, green, orange, pale green, purple), center band of yellow, and lower band of reddish/magenta. Unlined. No labels or tags.
Date: 1950~


Description: Hatlet of artificial flowers and net. The hatlet is composed of a radiating group of artificial rosebuds of pink and white with green stems and leaves. The sprays are attached to a black net circular veil. Designer's label: "By / Therese Ahrens" Retailer's label: "I. Magnin & Co."
Date: 1960
Creator: Ahrens, Therese


Description: Safari-like hat of olive green with four-sectioned crown. Green grosgrain ribbon and bow as trim. Elastic band for securing hat to wearer's head. Unlined with grosgrain headband. Stamp on inside headband: "Made in France Especially for / Best & Co."
Date: [1940..1945]

Fedora Hat

Description: Fedora style hat of gray felt. The crown is of gray felt, canted backwards, with flattened top which is sunken-in. Brim slants down in front and turns up in back, and is quilted with concentric stitching. Remains of threads and holes indicate hat originally had some form of band around the base of the crown. Unlined, with inner hatband of steel blue gray grosgrain ribbon inside base of crown. Affixed to inner hatband is black elasticized cord to secure hat to wearer's head. Maker's label sewn to inner hatband: "Valerie / Hat / Paris - New York" Size label sewn to edge of maker's label: "22 1/2"
Date: 1948
Creator: Valerie