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UNT Speaks Out on No Child Left Behind: The Impact of NCLB on Arts Education
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on No Child Left Behind. This presentation discusses the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act and its impact on arts education.
2,490 Feet
The work is a coiled piece of paper that measures 2,490 feet when unwound. Pieces of white string tie sections to hold it in place.
A Collective Case Study of Veterans Inside an Arts and Crafts Room and their Perceptions Regarding Empowerment
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on Coming Home. The author discusses methods and findings from a project she participated in related to how veterans narrated their experiences through art. Her component of the study evaluated participants and described what they gained through creating arts and crafts.
Museum Dilemma: Nazi-era Art Restitution
This paper was awarded a Nicholas and Anna Ricco Award for 2013. This paper discusses Nazi-era art restitution. The author examines the unique history of the World War II art plunder and the dilemma and issues that heirs and museums face.
Video Conference and Eddie
This predominately black and white work consists of three main images, some text and several colorful marks moving across the face of the artwork. The larger text states, "Bush and Iraq's leader have video conference."
Richardson Endorses Obama
Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, stands next to President Barack Obama. Both men are looking downward but smiling. The digital painting is a creative depiction of an AP photograph by Alex Brandon. Text below the image states, "Richardson gives endorsement to Obama." Included on top of the photo depiction are several loosely digitally painted colorful geometric shapes, an orange square, a green square, a pink rectangle and miscellaneous other loose yellow, red and turquoise marks. In the white margin at the bottom of the image of the men is a small inset image that depicts a highway overpass, a billboard and a car on the road with two dialogue bubbles.
Gotta Gun
This artwork consists of two portions, the top a grid, eight by seven, of colored squares and the lower dialogue between Caroline and Steve.
Cezanne Painting
This monochromatic painting depicts the artist Paul Cezanne in the countryside with some of his plain-air paintings and on the left hand edge text and dialogue unrelated to Cezanne.
Senate Testimony
The left hand section of the painting depicts three men seated at a table with microphones while the right side consists of text, dialogue between two people, Steve and a woman.
Assessing the media visibility of China's President Xi Jinping's first 3-year governance in The New York Times
This article assesses the media visibility, a composite measure of attention and prominence, of China's President Xi Jinping's first 3-year governance in The New York Times.
Defining a New Coast: G.I.S. Reconstruction of Maillezais Abbey’s Hydraulic Drainage Program and the Coastline It Created
This article discusses the expansion of Maillezais Abbey and the creation of its hydraulic infrastructure.
Relevant Interdisciplinarity: Taking the Art History Classroom to the Field
This article situates Medieval Studies in the ever-evolving education environment that has linked the public rhetoric of the academy to business models.
Teacher/Student: Technology as a Basis for Centrifugal Learning that “Goes Both Ways,” Part 1
This article provides retrospective insight on incorporating geographic information systems into medieval studies research.
Business, soft power, and whitewashing: Three themes in the US media coverage of “The Great Wall” film
This article uses a grounded theory approach to identify three major themes--business, soft power, and whitewashing--in the US media coverage of "The Great Wall" film.
Internet Use in Latin America
This paper explores the development of Internet use in Latin America by exploring the macro- and micro-social expectations and actualities of Internet use.
Book Review: Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo, Palace of the Mind: The Cloister of Silos and Spanish Sculpture of the Twelfth Century
Review of the book "Palace of the Mind: The Cloister of Silos and Spanish Sculpture of the Twelfth Century" by Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo.
Allaying Terror: Domesticating Vietnamese Refugee Artisans as Subjects of American Diplomacy
This article explores how the photographs of a basketmaker, as well as photographs of other refugee artisans published in the August 1956 issue of Interior magazine, served the American State Department agenda by characterizing its subject in terms of pathos and need.
Perceived ease of use and usefulness of sustainability labels on apparel products: application of the technology acceptance model
This article explores consumers' perceptions of sustainability labels on apparel products and examines sustainability labels as an effective means of determining consumers' purchase intentions using the technology acceptance model.
Students Collaborate to Develop Educational Green-Clothing Label
This book chapter describes a project to develop an informative green label that outlines the impact of a product on the environment, to help inform the consumer considering buying the product.